Is it acceptable for non-blacks to say the N-word?

Asked by: eliminus
  • I think if you arent verbally attacking anyone, its fine

    I think if you are going to call someone an N word, thats wrong just as much as calling someone the B word or anything else. But if you are just singing a rap song or something else, its not racist and should be acceptable, after all it is just a sound coming from your mouth and you are trying to offend anyone.
    Also, it is hypocritical for some black people to say it all the time but they get all mad when white people do it?

  • It's a word

    Not all white people, or any other person uses "the n-word" to be racist. What if it's in a song? What if it's just friendly slang? People seem to look over this, and I'd like to point out that taking the stigma away from the word nigger would help end racism. If you choose to not take offense to it (ex. The word moron used to be as offensive as saying retard), it helps end the problem.

  • Not at all

    I believe in equality for everyone. Either everyone drops it or everyone says it and of course you cannot force people not to say something. It is also racist to discriminate on someone based on skin color. If it were flip-flopped there would be riots and everyone would be furious. The day we can all walk down the street and call people "nigga" without anyone getting pissed off will be the day we know we have achieved racial equality.

  • If you believe in equality

    The N-word is used by black people and its accepted, while if a white person uses it, it is racist? How does that work and how can we accept that people are equal when some people are allowed to use a word and others are not. Either everyone should stop or it should be used by everyone.

  • Personally? I would say no, but..

    It is acceptable for black people to say 'cracker', which can be thought as equivalent to the 'N' word that is discussed on the matter. I am a person that hates racism on all possible forms, but in a society that is acceptable to say 'white', and not acceptable to say 'black', while using African-American instead, I do not believe that we will be getting over this matter anytime soon. I do believe though, if we dwell on such trivial matters such as this one, we will never be getting over racism that is actually present within our society. Marking words as 'taboo' and 'bad', is just something that will only delay the process.

  • No,it's not ok, its racist!

    I don't care who you are, using the N word is racist. It is a derogatory term with derogatory meanings. People that use are ignorant and foolish. The worst reason for using it that I've heard is to prove a culture. "Proving a culture" is synonym for "race supremacy." If you are racist, and you want to be seen as racist, just go right on using it and making it part of your lifestyle. But, really, stop the hate! Stop using the N word.

  • Probably not because

    It seems to be some social acceptance to call your own race a derogatory name, one in which many blacks fought hard to get changed in America, but blacks somehow think it doesn't sound just as bad or WORSE for them to call each other a n*gger. It has become a farce and a parody. Many blacks are carving out nice lives and a good existence for their families, I'm sure it is hard to watch a gold toothed gangster blahblah some unintelligible rhymes and be a gagiliionaire.

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