Is it acceptable for politicians to threaten a government shutdown to achieve their goals?

  • Yes, the Democrats shouldn't act like this

    I know what you're thinking, I'm "crazy" for accusing the Democrats, those loving, compromising, open-minded Democrats, who have refused to accept bills about funding the government four times since I posted this. Each bill funds the entire government, with different provisions about the ACA (Obamacare). The first defunded it, the second delayed the entire thing for a year, and another one of the two remaining delays the Individual mandate for a year and gets rid of the exemption for Congress. You hear that? The Republicans COMPROMISED? And the Democrats DIDN'T? WHAT? If anyone has used this for political gain, it was the Democrats not accepting any of the common sense measures put forth by the House (a.K.A. The Republicans), and then blaming the Republicans for the shutdown, in hope of more seats and support. Not only this, but they have stated that they will reject bills only mentioning funding the National Institute of Health (I think that's what it is, please correct me if I'm wrong) and the VA.

  • No, it undermines the basis of our democracy

    Whether one is for the Affordable Care Act or not, it has been passed into law and ruled constitutional by supreme court. Extortion, which is clearly what is happening, undermines this completely by disregarding the normal process of law within this country. If the extortionists are allowed to achieve their goals, it would send a message that this is a valid way of running a country, when it is clearly not. One cannot change the rules of a game just because he lost. I think it's time that laws are passed to prevent this from happening.

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