Is it acceptable that black people use the word 'n_gger'?

Asked by: Atlas01
  • It's acceptable even for white people

    It is not the word itself that is objectionable, but the way it is used. When the word is used to deride black people, it is not acceptable, but when people of any race use it, as black people use it today, to mean a "guy". There is no inherent problem.

  • It's Their Word

    Even though I myself don't agree with the use of the word, they can and should be able to do whatever they want with the word. Plus they don't say the word with an "er" at the end they say' N_gga!" Once again, it is their word, what they do with it should be of nobody else's concern.

  • I guess.. It shouldn't be used in an insulting matter.

    Me and my friends and people at my school (mostly blacks and hispanics) call each other "my nigga" or something, we mean it as "my homie" or "my friend" It's not exactly racist or whatever depending on who uses it, it's racist depending on how you use it, no matter if your black, or white, asian, hispanic or whatever. Once, in my school, a white person called my black friend "nigga" the white person didn't mean it in an insulting manner, he nearly got suspended or something for whatever reason until someone spoke up, and said he didn't mean it as an insulting way. My friends say it's more offensive when you say "NIGGER" or "NEGRO", not "NIGGA"

  • It is not offensive anymore

    The n word was very offensive back then before the Revolutionary War and at the time of slavery. It was said be a person to an African slave in a derogatory manner, since white people thought that they had supremacy over Africans. Today, however, as there are no legal slaves in America, the n word is now used commonly among African-Americans and some other races not to be deliberately offending blacks but as a greeting, or simply just to use it as a word.

  • No one should use the n word !

    I was just stunned last year with Jay Z and Kanye West calling themselves the n word... Is it appropriate ?? Rihanna also used the word... Paula Deen did and she lost her career for that, so it seems to be more consequences when it is a white person who says the word than a black person. But still, no matter what your color is, is it appropriate to this word ?

  • It's racist no matter who uses it

    I'm black and normal black people do not use that word or think it's acceptable for ANYONE to use. The black people who do use it are ignorant or they think they're being funny, which they are not. When fellow blacks use that word it's just as offensive and racist as it was when white slave owners would use it towards us. Our people need to stop calling each other that word. I don't let my grandchildren use it at my house or listen to music containing that word.

  • No one race/group should be given a sense of entitlement

    Saying that the word "n*gger" is "their word" is as ignorant as the guy who thinks that golf is only for rich people. No one group/race should be given a word that only their race can supposedly use. It's similar to the water fountains. Do you believe that colored people should only be allowed to use a water fountain that says "colored" or should they be allowed to use any water fountain? Same concept applies to the word "n*gger". If one group can say it, then everyone can say it as long as it's not against the law. Or even other way around. If white people can't say it, asians can't say it, latinos can't say it, blacks can't say it, etc. The problem isn't that the word is used out context, the problem is that many times in the news, if another race that isn't black uses the word, that person is automatically deemed racist. Look at Paula Dean, Richie Incognito, Riley Cooper, etc. No one looks at the back story. Once they hear the word "n*gger" out of anyone who isn't black, they're quick to jump to the conclusion that this person is a racist/bigot. And for the people who say that the word "n*gger" and "n*gga" are two different words, you guys are the biggest morons in the world. Just because a person pronounces something differently doesn't mean the word is different. Canadians say "about" like "aboot". Does that change the meaning of the word? No it doesn't. Lets use a noun. Filipinos say "Mionaise" instead of "mayonaise", does that change the type of food spread it is? No it's not. People need to stop being so ignorant. Black people are given equality but now some of them want more? This is equality. No one group/race is entitled to anything.

    "Men should be content with their lot, though they have more or less, they have no right to more" - Emile Durkheim

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