Is it acceptable to pierce your children's ears when they are babies?

  • Why cant it be a personal choice?

    I am horrified at the responses at the responses against piercing a child's ear. As parents, we make many choices for our children. Some choices are culturally based and others are for practicality or social norm. In many countries, including mine, piercing a child's ear is normal, even before hospital discharge. In infancy, the mother can easily change and keep the new hole clean before the child is mobile. If the kid does not want earrings wen she grows up, she can take them out. Bottom line, it may not be fore everyone but leave the choice up to each parent to decide what is best for their child. Don't we judge each other's choices enough?

  • State your opinion

    I think you should have your parents permission as a kid to get your ears pierced. But I also think you should be able to state weather you want to or not. But you should know what it could interfear with and what it could affect. Kids should be able to state if they want piercings it`s their body not their parents

  • No, it is not acceptable to pierce babies ears.

    It is no better to tattoo your child than pierce its ears. People need to make their own decisions about their body. Piercing a child's ears is selfish of a parent and stupid. It shows a lack of qualification of being a parent in the first place. People should consider abortion.

  • Children should be old enough to decide for themselves.

    Parents should not pierce the ears of an infant. While it is true that the children will not remember the hurt, the scar of the piercing will forever remain whether they want it there or not. Children should be old enough to decide for themselves when and if they get their ears pierced. Some people have strong moral beliefs that do not allow the piercing of the ears. A child who develops these beliefs in their life may resent a parent that made this decision for them.

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