Is it acceptable to publicly shame a criminal, as a form of punishment?

  • Sometimes Embarrassment is a Correct Punishment.

    Under the correct conditions, such as a during a national disaster with a man power shortage, public shame can be used as a form of punishment.

    In such a time period where smaller jails may not be able to be operated due to a lack of man power, public embarrassment and punishments would be a good way to deal with small time non violent criminals. This way a societal message against said crimes can be shown, without offsetting needed man power for more important jobs.

  • In some cases

    In many ways, trials today are a form of public shaming, and people follow high profile trials in order to be disgusted by people with a somewhat disturbing frequency. Still, shaming offenders of crimes would, as a whole, probably be more effective than punishment, since some see prison time as a badge of honor.

  • Form Of Punishment

    I personally think that As a result of legislation that Poe helped write, he has sentenced several hundred probationers to sign carrying. Although many find the practice futile and harsh, the judge has retrieved an important element from our social punishment history that has been abandoned, and he has implemented it successfully in modern society while still maintaining a keen modern perspective on the prisoner's right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment.

  • Shaming anyone is dumb

    I get their are some people who commit some heinous crimes. They will get what they have coming to them. How can we rehabilitate people when we are stooping down to their level? This goes with anything, because I see it all the time. We try to shame the poor because we do not think they are working hard enough. When you shame people, even criminals, it makes them do the opposite of what you wanted.

  • No, I don't blame it's acceptable to publically shame a criminal.

    I believe that the justice system should not promote public humiliation as an acceptable punishment, often the individual is feeling remorse and is going to be face punishment with jail or fines so there is no need in my opinion to go an extra step and publicly humiliate them, that will be something they won't forget and it's cruel.

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