Is it acceptable to spank a child as a consequence?

Asked by: mishapqueen
  • Mhm. It helps.

    While those who argue 'No' will call it Child Abuse, what good is it if you cannot teach your child how to act properly? If they never existed, they would turn into brats like most of you yourselves, crying when you don't get what you want. If you do it while they are younger, 2-4, while they do something where in society, it is inappropriate or incorrect, they will learn not to do it again. Because they'd think "No, 'cause then I'll get popped..." 'Nuff said.

  • Corporal punishment requires a method.

    Corporal punishment can work if and only if violence is applied in a strict framework; the child must be made aware exactly what action or behavior of theirs is unacceptable and why. If a parent eschews that framework and simply hits their children whenever they feel like it, the child is unable to internalize any rules as none are demonstrated and in fact will develop a paranoia.

  • Yes, but it needs to be used carefully or it could be counterproductive.

    Kids can't really reason with you especially between 2-5years, so its better to have them listening to your instructions. However its important to get your own emotions under check first to avoid using spanking as an outlet for your own anger or stress. That way you ensure the process is constructive enough to promote significant change in your child's behaviour.

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  • Yes, but only to a certain point

    Spanking can be an attention grabber and a shock to a child, but it cannot be done in such a way to reinforce that violence can be used as a tool for behavior modification.

    This is how abusive spouses come to be.

    But if a child isn't paying attention, refuses to listen and is willfully disobedient, then a shock might be necessary to show them there are consequences for certain actions.

    My little cousin, who is 14 years younger than I, had a habit of hitting people as a toddler.

    That ended very quickly when she crossed 21 year old me. I thumped her so hard on the top of her head after she hit me full force in the stomach with her wee fist.

    She cried and ran to her mother, my aunt, who laughed and said well that's what you get.

    I don't believe my cousin has struck anyone since.

  • I believe so:

    Children are not rational beings. Classical conditioning works until a certain point and then you can move into operant conditioning or even learning modules. Explaining why one does not do something to a two year old is equivalent to talking to a wall for the most part; it isn't that they are incapable of understanding bits and pieces but the more complex the scenario (such as with social behaviors) the less likely they will successfully pick up on it.

    It should be reserved for protective purposes and real aversions towards danger however and should not be used for anything less.

  • It is necessary.

    As a consequence of bad behaviour? Yes. As a consequence of your anger? No.

    Until the point they develop the mental capacity to feel shame and embarrassment from being logically written off, spanking is acceptable. There are few other such successful methods of getting good behaviour out of kids.

    Firstly, spanking does no physical harm. Secondly, this conditioning does not last into the ending stages of childhood. Children will grow and learn to accept it as a rational and effective way of punishment.

    But only, only if it is a calculated action.

    Under no circumstances is lashing out acceptable as a consequence of a parent's anger. Even if the child has done something wrong.

  • No, it is not acceptable

    Striking your children is never a good idea. All hurting your children (physically or mentally) does is teach them to avoid detecting. Children develop a mistrust between them and their parents, and this leads to more unsafe behavior. If you want teach your children not to do something, treat them like an adult and talk to them. If you hit them, you are only teaching them it is OK to assert control over others.


    How many times does the psychological community need to publicize studies indicating spanking is as stupid as a bag of bricks? Repeatedly it seems. Multiple studies over decades(http://www.Psychologytoday.Com/blog/moral-landscapes/201309/research-spanking-it-s-bad-all-kids) (http://psychcentral.Com/blog/archives/2012/08/16/why-shouldnt-you-spank-your-kids-heres-9-reasons/) say the same thing time and time again: Spanking doesn't work in the long term, increases aggression in children, and it teaches that violence is acceptable as a form of conflict resolution. Time outs and lectures on the other hand work just as well in the immediate, don't increase aggression, and teach your kids how to solve problems like humans and not wild dogs.
    We've gone over and over this and people still think they are smarter than science.

    So for those who like to pretend science doesn't matter or is wrong, I leave you with this:

    When I imagine you hitting my kid, I imagine me stabbing you repeatedly until your organs were no good to harvest.

    If I feel that strong of a compulsion towards harming someone else who hit my kid, HOW COULD I JUSTIFY DOING IT MYSELF???? I couldn't. Simple.

    And my kid makes me want to sell him to gypsies at least twice a day so I don't want to hear how I must have an easy child blah blah blah....

  • Oh no way!

    Why would we want to harm such precious kids. If people we to be doing it as the kid is young you sure as hell ain't teaching him a great lesson if a kid did something bad ground him don't harm him if you do know the kid would want to do it to his or her future kids! Your just making the kid hate you more the most decent way to get a kid in trouble is to ground him not harm him or her!

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