Is it acceptable to use crowdfunding to raise money for home renovations and mortgage payments?

  • Crowdfunding to pay off your mortgage

    I believe CF,g to pay off a mortgage is an excellent way to build the economy. If the money raised can go directly to pay off the mortgage and that recipient in turn gave back to others who want to pay off their mortgage, then the economy can be stimulated, people can save and invest more money. There are more details.

  • Yes, it is acceptable to use crowdfunding to raise money for mortgage payments.

    Crowdfunding has allowed a lot of people to accomplish their goals with the assistance of the larger community. If a person is honest about how they will spend the money, then it is up to the loaners to decide whether they think the cause is worth supporting. If someone wants to help fund another's mortgage payments or home remodeling, all the better.

  • If the person finds support, let them use that method.

    While home renovations and mortgage payments seem like personal expenses, even luxuries to some, if the person can find others who are willing to share the financial load, there would seem to be no legal barrier that prevents them from helping others. Also, since circumstances vary from family to family, it could be that renovation or mortgage payments are vital to the family's survival, which would make crowdfunding even more important of an avenue to pursue.

  • raise money however you want

    Why not use crowd funding to raise money for home renovations. As long as the people know s what their money is going towards before they donate then why not. There is nothing wrong with asking for financial help. I actually think that it is quiet a good idea, if everyone helped one another people would not have to do without.

  • It's not what crowdfunding is about.

    I think it is bad for people to use crowdfunding to raise money for personal stuff like home renovations or mortgage payments. To me, crowdfunding is to raise money for projects or business ideas that need help and might not happen without this help. Taking money off other people just to pay your own personal expenses, and that does nothing else, is selfish, and practically like stealing.

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