• Of Course it is acceptable

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  • Yes, but within reason

    You have to know your environment, there are cases that it isn't okay. In most, however, you have adults that are mature enough to understand it isn't the end of the world if somebody expresses their feelings by utilizing a "naughty" word. Those that get offended frequently will be the type that are looking for an excuse to be offended, singular words that aren't outright slurs aren't offensive.

  • Yes it is

    I think that we should allow curse words in public because people should be allowed to say whatever the heck they want to say anywhere they want to do it ok and yes I think that they should allow curse words In public ok ok ok ok ok 👌 was

  • But in family-oriented establishments, there should be rights to throw out anyone who is disruptive

    The outdoors you can say any curse word you want, but I do believe homes and businesses should have the right to throw out anyone who is being disruptive or vulgar. That's where I believe I draw the line. So yes, in the outdoors you can curse, but in family-oriented places, owners should have rights.

  • Yes, it is acceptable to use curse words in public. Free speech is protected under the first amendment in the United States Constitution. This is the strongest proff that cursing in public is acceptable.

    Cursing in public is acceptable and free speech protected by the US Constitution. Curse words are harmless because they are just words that people often use. Cursing in public is a good way to release frustration without physically harming anyone. If people used more curse words society would be less violent and people would be happier. Language police ad people who think curse words are unacceptable are hung up on words which matter less than violence.

  • Yes, with some exceptions.

    The main goal should be to express oneself relatively freely but not to become so much of a distraction that lots of other people are negatively affected. In other words, it has more to do with noise and overall context than just the use of words themselves. Curses can be important and expressive and people should be free to use them in reason without harassing other people.

  • No, it is not acceptable to use curse words in public.

    When you are in public, it is usually common practice to not use curse words in front of random people. This is a sign of common courtesy and respect. When people use curse words at random it makes them look unintelligent. It is also extremely disrespectful to others when a person is cursing in public.

  • No, it is not acceptable to use curse words in public.

    Freedom of speech and expression should be preserved. But there must be some regulation for those freedom in the place where diverse people with different background and point of view live together. Besides, we are influenced by what we hear. Using curse words are causing harms to the public by making them to become dull to such expressions and emotions contained in those words gradually, making the society less civilized.

  • No. Using them displays displays a lack of command of the English language. Also, If reserved, And used strategically, They may have greater impact.

    With so many other adjectives and adverbs, The frequent use of vulgarities portrays an insufficient command of the language. However, There are appropriate times to use them. As a manager at work, On the rare occasion that I have to "chew out" a subordinate, Strategically used curse words - when not previously overused - may greater impact and may increase the likelihood that the individual will change their behavior.

  • Cursing in public is not acceptable

    Cursing where there may be little children or people with certain morals and backgrounds is considered disrespectful and rude. Curse words are harsh sounding and may be offensive to a lot of people. In public you should be mindful of who is around you and what words you are using.

  • It's not acceptable

    Freedom of speech is in America, but I personally believe that the freedom of speech goes to an certain extent, but now I know how people say oh it's just a word an we don't have to worry about it, but it's not so much a word but the meaning behind it, so it might seem harmless but it could make someone have low self-asteem so i believe that it would just be better if we would't say them

  • Swear words are suppose to be used out of pure hate to someone or something.

    In public however, unless you hate a complete stranger do not use it. There is no need to state your opinion with curses. Only intelligent people can work around and use other words to describe dislike. You do not to curse more than a sailor. Calm down in front of others.

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