Is it advisable to change the locks on one's house?

  • Changing House Locks is a Good Idea

    Yes, it is advisable to change the locks on one's house every once in a while, or more frequently if one lives in a high crime area. It is never a bad idea to think of the security of one and one's family. Chaning the locks on one's house is a good way to make sure that security is maintained.

  • In certain scenarios, yes

    Obviously, a highly reputable locksmith with a history of honest work is needed for this to have any purpose. But, when one of those is available, changing the locks on your house is a good thing to do either once in a great while for the sake of having up to date security or in response to a crime to try and regain some feeling of safety.

  • Always Lock Your House

    Your first deterrent to having someone stay away from you is to simply lock your house. It's easy and it's the best way to ward off non serious criminals. Now a lock won't stop hardcore criminals, but there are also security systems and other measures for that as well. You should definitely lock your house.

  • Yes, if ownership has changed.

    Of course if one has just purchased a new house or rented a new apartment it is advisable to change the locks because you can not be sure who has the keys. Also, if there has been any threat or change of relationship or other reason for suspicion, a change of locks is always good.

  • No not really.

    Changing the locks will cost a lot and is usually not needed. If someone feels they are in danger than they should consider moving so they are no longer known where they live. Changing a lock still allows people to break and in get in through other means if they are desperate.

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