Is it against human rights to withhold bathroom privileges to students?

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  • Is it against human rights to withhold bathroom privileges to students?

    Im a student at Hillsboro High School in Hillsboro, Missouri. We had a problem with a boy writing something about shooting up the school on the bathroom stall and now because that one boy us girls are no longer allowed to use the bathroom. Here at our highschool we have lines in every bathroom and we only have 4 bathrooms in the school and 4 minutes inbetween classes, Half the time they have one set of bathrooms locked so we cannot use them at certain times throughout the day. And let me tell you half the time theres literally a line outside of the bathroom at every bathroom so i don't have time to go becasue i get punished for being trady. So i think its bullshit that they took away my right to the bathroom.

  • Why Not! It dose not make sense

    So in my personal opinion going to the bathroom is a natural human thing people need to when the need to go. Taking away the right to go to the washroom during class really should be illegal because think if you were in 8th grade and you had to go to the washroom and your teacher said no well then what do you do just go in your pants just think it isn't just a text you can't delete it its there forever.

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    Hello my name is george and i was very upset because my teacher did not let me go to the toilet i nearly peed my pants in front of the class and i showen her this and it was all the evedince i needed to go to the place of the toilet

  • Sanitation is a human right

    Being denied to go to the restroom is against human rights as it is a human right for sanitation and sanitation is a human right. Being deniedthe right to go tothe restroom can lead to trauma from childhood to adulthood and so being denied the right to go to the restroom is against human rights

  • It is not right

    Students must go to the bathroom because they have to go. For a teacher to say no is not right because what if the student has to go really bad? Teachers must also understand that even though they might handle not going to the bathroom for 5 hours straight, That might not be the same for other students. Teacher must allow there student to go the bathroom because it can cause a student to not pay attention because they have to go really bad and worry that they will pee on themselves.

  • Not drinking water

    If students are not given bathroom privlages during class they will start to stop drinking water so they don’t need to go during class but that leads to dehydration meaning u will have headaches and much worse meaning students grades will drops because they have a headache and can’t focus.

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  • I believe that going to the toilet is a medical reason that all students/others must do.

    You can a bladder infection by just holding it in, In which are lead to be told to by teachers/staff so, If a teacher says you can't go to the toilet they are saying instead get a bladder infection like that is better this is human/student rights go to the bathroom, Its illegal for a teacher to say no to a medical situation so they should be sued!

  • Basic Human Necessity

    Evacuating your bladder or colon or tending to your menstrual cycle are basic human necessities. Thus, using the restroom is a basic human RIGHT and NOT a PRIVILEGE. Withholding bathroom "privileges" from a child is a form of child abuse and should be prosecuted accordingly. Schools need to find other solutions to whatever problems they are trying to solve with highly restrictive bathroom policies.

  • It is a right

    It is a health risk to not allow students to use the bathroom. As it can lead to bladder infections. As well as this the child could be on their period and end up bleeding on the chair or become unable to concentrate as they are very desperate to use the bathroom.

  • OK, are bathrooms really rights?

    There are plenty of times when a student needs to use the bathroom, but how does that connect to human rights?

    The answer is that waiting to go the bathroom can be painful, but teachers aren't trying to torture students. Rather, they need to sit down, be patient, and learn. As supported by Senator Earl Plismuth, "Why are you asking me this? Who the heck can make any connection between bathrooms and human rights?"

  • Not an absolute right

    The argument there is an absolute right ignores the simple reality is somewhere between the student with legitimate medical problems, there is a tremendous amount of abuse of students using restroom breaks as an excuse to escape the classroom. For a couple of years our school tracked who went to the restroom and when. It showed that nearly a quarter of the students abused the system by going five or more times in a day with no medical conditions. Those identified could only go with an escort. That dramatically dropped restroom usage abuse. It was a labor intensive program and ended due to staffing issues

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