Is it already to late to remedy the effects of global climate change?

  • Yes, it probably is too late.

    Unless we make changes that will require a lot of compromise and sacrifice for most middle and upper class people, it is going to be too late to remedy global climate change. And we see no evidence that most of us are going to be willing to give up what we have no matter how much damage it causes to the planet.

  • It's never too late.

    I believe that we are not at the "tipping point" where global warming is concerned. Many scientists also believe this, I believe I have read that the tipping point would be in another hundred years or so if no great changes are enacted. We are not too far out from there but we can still do it.

  • We need to do everything possible.

    Just like we didn't know for so long how our activities would harm the environment, there's just no way for us to know if what we're attempting to do will help reverse the problems in any way. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't try it, thinking otherwise is short-sighted and selfish.

  • No it is not.

    It is not too late to remedy the effects of global climate change. We are able to make a difference it will just take time and patience. The change in society can not happen over night but it is well on its way. Everyday people are better understanding what is going on.

  • We Can Also Improve

    Given the short amount of time we have data for on this planet, I believe it is hard to estimate the effects we have caused on the planet. I believe it is difficult to assume what the planets reaction will be to our use of the resources, so I do not believe it is too late to improve and possible make the situation better.

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