• Some are in Committed Relationships

    Kids out of wedlock aren't always a bad thing. In the Bible, Ruth and Bathsheba both have kids out of wedlock and both are blessed. Sometimes, a man or a woman doesn't realize how committed they are until they or their partner is pregnant. People are delaying marriages longer and longer for financial reasons, but they can still have kids. Plus, you could have your kid be a flower kid at your wedding!

  • Yes provided that ...

    Yes, couples should be able to have a child together regardless of their marital status as long as they can actually provide for the child. Some minimum requirements:
    1. Provide food, shelter, clothing and basic care.
    2. Have emergency fund that can provide for the entire family for at least one year.
    3. Have life insurance that gives care for the child should something happen to one or both parents.
    4. Have setup legal guardianship should something happened to both parents.

  • In certain circumstances

    I think that it is morally justified to have a child out of wedlock, provided some conditions are first met. One, if the government really needs some more native children born in order to battle immigrant births. Two, provided the parents allow the government to inject their children with experimental drugs for the purposes of public health and safety.

  • There is nothing sacred about marriage

    Marriage is just something on a piece of paper that says you get certain rights regarding tax and wills, it is of no other significance whatsoever. Unmarried couples can be just as loving as married couples, and there is no reason why marriage should be considered necessary for the raising of children.

  • Detrimental to children

    Statistics show that married couples are twice as likely to stay together than unmarried couples. A child needs a stable environment and their parents splitting up inhibits this. Furthermore, children raised in married families are more likely to go to college, be physically and emotionally healthier or use drugs.
    They also have a reduced risk of divorcing when they get married and
    are less likely to become pregnant as a teenager.

    This all goes to show that it is best for your children to be married before you raise them. As we value child welfare, children should be only had in wedlock.


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