• Yes It Is!

    You life and your choice. It should be your choice to wear a miniskirt and not the rich male lawmakers. Girls have legs;everyone as legs. It shouldn't matter what you wear as long as you are a kind person. Plus, by banning miniskirts you are sexualizing women further and that can lead to attacks on women by men who feel entitled to do so.
    Guys are not lusty creatures. Guys have feelings too and can control their actions. Don't blame the victim. Men have free will! Dpon't objectify women and say they are meant to be objects of men's desires and wants. Women are persons too with their own feelings. We are capable enough to decide what to wear without having some outdated law ban us from wearing miniskirts. Countries should make laws to improve conditions of the poor, invest in education, and improve the quality of life for their country instead of making dumb laws that ban miniskirts.The lawmakers are just trying to make the illusion that they are doing something important when they're just promoting a sexist agenda.

  • I think it's ok, but I need to say something about them

    I think it's perfectly fine for girls to wear miniskirts. If they want to, that's their choice, and no one, except maybe their parents if they are minors, should stop them. However, what really bothers me is when girls wear these skin tight super tiny dresses that really show off their butt and then get offended when guys check them out. I personally think that's pretty damn stupid, because if you don't want people to look at you, don't dress that way. But other than that, if girls really want to wear miniskirts, they can go knock themselves out, I honestly don't care.

  • That is YOUR choice!!

    If you want to be wearing miniskirts that is fine it does not mean that your bad or good it just means that you are wearing something that is short....... Big deal, now when I say that it is fine others may not agree, for me I just don't like showing anything above my knees which will cut out miniskirts but my say is not law so if you don't care about showing your knees that is alright you can make that choice that is why America is a free country, do what you want to do no one is going to stop you and if they try just leave it alone this is YOUR CHOICE!!!!!!!

  • What's wrong with them?

    I personally see absolutely no problem with wearing miniskirts. If someone wishes to wear one, then let them. They are not harming anyone in any way and to say they are 'over-sexualised' is, quite frankly, ridiculous. As a guy myself, I can 'control' myself when I see a pair of legs and I do not have inappropriate thoughts which may make a woman feel uncomfortable.

  • That all depends.

    If the authority figures in your life as well as the law say it's okay, and you are willing to accept all feedback on your choice of what to wear, then wear whatever you want.
    In some other cultures, it is not only forbidden by society but the law. In other cultures it is against their religious culture, i.e. Amish. Even in some families, parents don't want their children to wear them. If any of these exist, then you should not wear them. I look at it this way. In some cultures, women need to cover every inch of their bodies and other cultures allow everyone to walk around nude. Should we allow those cultures to influence our own? Of course not, so why should it allowed for cultures that allow kids to wear skimpy clothing be allowed to influence others that do not.
    Another thing people should remember is that every choice you make can and will get your judged by others. Of course they don't mind when the criticism is good but complain when their own choices are judged poorly.
    Teen guys have a similar thing. So many teen guys wear gang type clothing, i.e. baggy pants and hoodies. They like the idea that others may think they are tough but complain when the police hassle them. In my day, showing your underwear was an invitation to get a wedgie. Just as male kids who wear gang type clothing can't complain when others suspect them of gang activity, girl who wear lewd clothing can't complain when they are suspected of lewd activity. If your allowed to and make the choice to dress a certain way, don't complain when other think your a certain type of person.

  • Is it alright, no. Is it ok to, yes.

    Its your choice to wear them or not. That doesn't change the fact that I don't think they are alright. I rather have people not wear miniskirts but there is a lot of things I rather have people not do. And it is not my decision to make whether you should wear it or not. So do what you want. Your choice not mine. Just if you ask me, I would advise not wearing them.

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o0jeannie0o says2014-12-17T23:13:43.197
Wow way to delete my opinion and skew the answers... It was not out of guidelines!