• Yes, avatars are good.

    You can customize your character however you want. Your avatar can affect gameplay, and if there is avatar you can tell who is who. You can dress up avatar and shop for your avatar. It also encourages creativity and lets you be independent by choosing what to wear and what to look like.

  • Play yourself as a video game super hero

    Of course it would be incredibly honorable to have your personality or image as a video game character. Game designers could write you in all sorts of crazy situations and you have to get yourself out of them, by using any weapon or skill necessary. They could also cartoon your body for a funnier effect.

  • Yes, if it's a respected and positive character.

    I would be honored to have my own video game character. I have played quite a few video games in my life, so to see myself in a video game would be a very special experience. However, if that character was a villain, then I would probably feel differently. I would hope that a video game character representing me would be a positive character that people would like and respect.

  • Celebrity is usually the goal of those who are immortalized with avatars

    Most people who are made into a video game character known as an NPC, or non-playable character, are out to achieve celebrity in a number of ways. The most notable recent NPC celebrity is Ronda Rousey who was the inspiration for an NPC in the MMORPG World of Warcraft. As she is a notable figure in the sports world and profits greatly from her fame and notoriety, this should be considered as an honor and as part of the fame experience.

  • Not always is it honour to have your own video game character

    Not always is it honour to have your own video game character.If the character is good, then it is good and an honour to have your own character in the video game. Otherwise, it looks like a dishonour. Evil characters and comedy characters would make it look like a dishonour.

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