Is it an issue for College students to get paid, when they are required to work as hard as anyone else, to play Football?

  • Yes they should

    Do you realize how much the ncaa coaches make off of there players. Last year (2015) Alabama coach got paid $7,087,481 and that is just for one year. Most of the other coaches made $6 million to $4 million just for one year. Plus most of these athlete don't go pro. I'm not saying to pay they's guys millions of $ every year but some amount should be awarded to these athletes

  • They should get paid

    Maybe some of these kids probably didn't get a full ride to college so they have to pay. They have to buy books and pay off student loans.
    When you play college football or any sport you cannot get a job while playing so how are they supposed to eat or buy groceries there parents are supposed to send them money every time, what if there parents don't have a lot of money.

  • Yes, students are exploited.

    Yes, College students should be paid for playing football. College football players, and many other college students, provide a service that will often equal the quality of professional level football, sometimes even surpassing that level. In spite of this, they are rarely given adequate payment and are expected to take "experience" or "exposure" in place of cold hard cash. This is often on top of going to classes, working, and training, and I feel that college students should be compensated accordingly for their time and efforts.

  • Yes I think,

    That it is a very serious issue and I think that they should be paid for the work that they put in and the money that these corporations and football team Colleges get for these students to play Football and not get any money or restitution for the work that they do and put in.

  • They are getting paid

    Do you realize how much college costs! And they're getting a full ride I think that's enough for them not to mention the fact that they're suppose to be playing the sport for fun!! In four years most likely they're going to paid millions for this I think they will be fine being a poor college kid for a couple years.

  • Athletes Shouldn't Be Paid

    I do not believe athletes in a school setting should be paid. The school setting is for education and the sports should be seen as an alternate activity outside of class. Maybe a minor league team of paid football players should be created, so they can be paid, without clogging up the institutions we have for education.

  • Pay them likes it's a normal job

    I think it would be smart to allow college football players to get paid to play sports. They definitely should not make millions of dollars like the pro's but why not pay them a decent working wage. There would be far less scandals and Heisman Trophys being taken away if players were paid a normal salary for the work they do in their sport.

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