• We need our autonomy.

    Yes, it is Anti-American to have global banking rules, because the rules would undoubtedly be very unfair to Americans. The regulations would only result in the transfer of wealth from America to others, and from richer nations to poorer ones, all in the name of regulation. America is exceptional and it needs its autonomy.

  • No, I don't think it's Anti-American to have global banking rules.

    I believe the world only benefits from having some basic global banking rules, it would reduce the amount of money laundering and fraud in the banking systems that leave banks open to failure, I think some sensible but firm rules in place just make sense and should be put into action.

  • It is actually quite American

    America is a global leader, and as such should be taking a lead on issues like international norm or rule creation. Global banking rules would go far to ensure further integration of economies, which could help support business ties while being mutually beneficial. Further, if the US were to engage in the creation of such rules, it would be seen as a leader and could craft the rules in its favor.

  • It is not anti-america.

    I feel that it is not "anti-america" to have a global banking system. This system would help regular currency and prevent major fluctuations from happening. With a major banking system currencies could not lose all of their value putting nations in a tailspin towards demise. It is a way to diversify and not "anti-american".

  • No, if done right its ok

    It was established for a reason, money can pass through the US freely. It was designed to halt issues with the system, but if its managed correctly the money can earn a decent profit. The problem with it, is not is it Anti American,but rather who is running the system?

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