Is it any man's right to tell another what to do if they are not causing harm to others?

Asked by: CruzSmith
  • If he's harming himself instead

    If he's harming instead instead, he's indeed IS hurting the people around him, his family and friends. The person who's telling him what to do, has the right for a opinion. The person (who is hurting himself) has the choice to listen and see reason. He may not be hurting people physically, but emotionally he is. Bruises heal over time but the emotional strain lasts longer

  • Yes he has the right too...

    ...But the person he is telling this to has the right to ignore him. Now if the second person does not want to agree with what the first person said, it is his wish. If they do not want arguments, then the first person shouldn't have said it in the first place.

  • Unnecessary Rights is a burden and do have their Monitory, Justification set backs.

    When Freedom is more than sufficient , Providing Right is unnecessary, because no one going to hurt him until unless he do.. Secondly, Does he know prior that his words does no harm to others at least psychologically. How fair to give one sided Right on others sensory organ :)

    Posted by: Boga

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