Is it appropriate for Facebook and Apple to pay for their female employees to freeze their eggs?

  • Yes, they should.

    Facebook and Apple aren't necessarily in tight monetary situations. If Facebook can make enough money to donate millions of dollars in charities, then they should be able to provide for their employees who work for their successful company.
    Besides, the process of freezing eggs doesn't have to be mandatory. The things about this is that the opportunity is there for women to choose whether they want to or not.

  • It's very nice of them actually .

    Many people who are in a fast paced job can't have kids but would really like to someday . This allows them to do so . Most businesses wouldn't allows stuff like this for some reason . It is in fact immoral to deny them this opportunity , they deserve to have work and children.

  • Yes, it is appropriate for Facebook and Apple to pay for their female employees to freeze their eggs.

    In the US, too often women must choose between having a successful career and having children. Stopping work to have a child is often detrimental to a woman's career trajectory, and hence some choose to climb the corporate ladder instead. I think it's laudable, then, that Facebook and Apple are willing to foot the bill to ensure that women can do both without suffering any negative consequences.

  • No, delay in parenthood, for the sake of employment

    No, Facebook and Apple should not be affording their female employees the option of whether to delay having a family or prolong having a family. Families are a necessity in life, just as pregnancy is a natural process. Providing their female employees with the benefit(s) of freezing their eggs, should not be looked at as being an available "perk". It is similar to giving the female employees an ultimatum as to whether they want to prolong their career by having a family which entails the added distractions of family life or temporarily suspend the ideal of having a family and continue their status / employment, which decreases their chances of being the low woman on the totem pole.

  • Weird Ideas Are These

    I hope this is an anecdote, and a bad one. No one should be paid for doing such thing. And no one working for Facebook or Apple is a superior species to be explicitly promoting doing such thing. If today genetics considers that eggs freezing is an innovative and important act, tomorrow artificial intelligence may propose 3-d printers for female robot eggs.

  • Anything For Money

    While accepting the argument that anyone can do whatever they like with their bodies as long as consent is involved, it is beyond inappropriate for a corporate entity to offer employees money to freeze their eggs. The corporate culture and influence is part of all of our everyday lives now, but a line must be drawn somewhere.

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