• Laughing at Trump's antics is not illegal or inappropriate.

    Comedians make their living finding the humor in politicians antics, or anyone in the media for that matter. We have laughed together about the "quirks" of every president to come down the pike. Donald trump should not be any different. I believe their have been times when he has made jokes about himself.

  • Satire: It's Not Worth Getting Upset Over

    For decades, many comedy shows, especially Saturday Night Live, have lampooned celebrities, political figures and presidents. Every President who has governed our nation since the show first aired has been subject to comedic impression and lampoon. With the election of Donald Trump, they have hit comedic gold and many Americans find it as a comic relief from the struggles and concerns of their lives. Satire is the best form of flattery. It's not worth getting upset over.

  • Laughing at him means that his real power is ignored

    It is easy to laugh at the president-elect. His bumbling approach, catastrophic ignorance and inability to control himself on Twitter are all, by nature, comical. However, the joke isn't particularly funny given that he is now vested with real power and his actions are going to genuinely harm people. Treating him as a comic figure distracts from the real danger he poses to the people of his country.

  • No, crying is more appropriate.

    Donald Trump is incompetent, hypersensitive and arrogant. He is a walking, talking caricature. His antics would be hilarious if he were not about to take over arguably the most important job in the world. However, since he is, his antics are horrifying and infuriating. We should all be enraged and sad that he is in position to ruin the country and the world.

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