• Happy holidays is the best phrase.

    I think that we all should say "Happy Holidays"
    instead of other phrases to greet people during the holiday season. "Happy Holidays" is a more
    sensitive and all-inclusive phrase. We
    must remember that everyone is not Christian.
    "Happy Holidays" is more respectful to the Jews and Muslims
    that are also celebrating the holiday season.

  • People shouldn't care so much

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying "Merry Christmas" but some people take it way too seriously. People argue that "This is America!" but America was inhabited by non- Christian natives for thousands of years and even when the Europeans came along, they founded it based on secular principles. There is also the argument of "keep Christ in Christmas" but I think we should be more concerned with the gift giving/ Santa culture of getting rid of Christ in Christmas rather than just a simple acknowledgement of not everybody celebrating Christmas. Don't get me wrong, people shouldn't get attacked for saying "Merry Christmas", it IS freedom of speech but I think people get a little too sensitive about "Happy Holidays".

  • Because I wanted the bar to change.

    I really wanted the other side of this argument to have a post as well.
    We Wish you a merry Christmas,
    We wish you a merry Christmas,
    We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
    Good tidings we bring, To your and your kin, Good tidings for Christmas, And a happy New Year!

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