Is it appropriate to wear short shorts and holey jeans in school?

  • I believe that girls should be able to wear shorts/holey jeans to school.

    I believe this because it's is not our fault that our LEGS are a distraction to boys, it is not our fault that boys have impure thoughts and it is not our fault that society is making it this way.
    Also because the fashion nowadays is short shorts, it makes it extremely difficult to find long enough shorts to wear for school, and I am NOT going to wear pants in the 30*C weather because of the distractions boys may have.
    Finally, it is not like boys can see our butts in shorts anyways, so why should it be a problem? Our legs should not be a distraction, they are used to walk on.

  • Yes, We need to stop hiding things and allow teens to live in the real world.

    Many people are so up tight about showing skin. It is truly not that big of a deal. Part of what makes the whole short shorts wearing thing a big deal is that it is looked at as "Naughty." Who makes it naughty? The uptight people who wanna hide the real world everyday decisions from teens. Should I wear these small shorts? Are my personal areas showing? No. Okay, then why not.
    Many people who grow up in more Liberal countries simply just don't make as big of a deal about female nudity.
    Adults must stop judging teens. It really is not good for our society as a whole.
    What is freedom, If your not free to make minor choices.

  • Stop Over-Sexualizing EVERYTHING

    Honestly, when a girl (or boy) wears short shorts to school and it bothers you then just don't look at them. If it's not physically harming you what does it matter? People all have varying opinions on what is "appropriate" in public. If someone has confidence in their body and thinks hat they look good in those shorts or jeans, more power to them! Instead of telling people what NOT to wear and trying to shame girls and boys on how they look, why don't we try focusing on confidence and body positivity? BODY POSITIVE. It is NOT to attract sexual attention that some girls choose to wear short shorts. It's a choice of clothing style that makes them feel good about themselves. I highly doubt most girls wake up in the morning and think "what can I wear that will attract the most attention from guys?" Unless the school requires uniforms, and as long as students aren't nude, I think you should stop harassing people about the size of their shorts and focus your attention on things that are actually important and affect you.

  • Sure, why not?

    As long as your being yourself. You go to school to get educated anyways. Why should it matter what you are wearing when you have other priorities to worry about. People need to stop stressing about this . If you dont like what you see then look away. Stop hating already.

  • I say yes.

    Girls should be able to wear things to school that they like, Or that are comfortable. Boys should be able to control themselves when a girl shows off her legs. Besides, Everyone is so worked up about them being a distraction, You're going to school to learn. Just keep your eyes off her body. No, We do not wear holy jeans or booty shorts always to "attract a partner" or "get our crush to like us". Personally, I think they're comfortable, Just because i show my leg at school does that mean I want to have sex? What is so exciting about seeing a leg? As long as you don't have butt cheeks or your vagina showing I don't understand what the problem is. It's not like we're going to run around shoving our asses in boy's faces. Girls should be able to fell comfortable at school, Regular jeans can be tight and uncomfortable. Hole-y jeans are usually looser and they let your legs breathe. Shorts have the same effect. Maybe if boys could learn to control themselves and wouldn't go absolutely crazy about seeing a girls leg, Teachers would allow it. I am honestly offended whenever people say that girls just wear shorts to flaunt what their mama gave them. Just because a girl wears shorts DOES NOT MEAN that she lacks self confidence. Jesus Christ, Maybe she just wants to wear something she likes. Why should it matter to anyone if she has cellulite, Who cares if it's not cute; who the hell gave you the authority to be so judgy?

  • They should be.

    I am not really a fan of holy jeans, I think they look tacky, I always wondered why it cost more to buy jeans with holes in them, then those without. However, I don't see why they should be banned and if that is what someone wants to were, so be it.

  • All because of a distraction?

    So because the male gender has pervertive minds a girl cant wear shorts to school even if its 90 degrees outside. Why are legs so sexy anyways? Its skin. Now young women trying to wear booty shorts for attention that isnt correct and thats their parents to deal with them. But to punish all because a few are attention seekers? Also some teachers push the dress code in correctly. For example i have a friend who is very curvacious. Especially in her bottom area. She wore long shorts that were by half an inch and was given dress code. But another girl wearing small itty bitty shorts with not many curves was not given dress code. How is this fair? And shorts dont matter to much because some people wear very tight tight jeans that are more revealing and provacative than any pair of shorts. I understand modesty but modesty clothing can be very hot. Also if its such an issue if schools wanted modesty than uniform is an answer. I do not believe in the dress code and i believe it is enforced unfairly.

  • Pretty girly hot

    All girls need to look hot at school for boys to like them.Its always a good idea to go with your own fashion style not anyone's just follow your heart.If you don't think it's a good idea then you are out of style and a bad person.Please follow your heart

  • What is your problem?

    I don't get it, why should anyone care about how other people are dressed? If someone wants to wear shorts it's their decision, not yours, nobody should have any say at all in what other people wear, seriously. It's irrational that anyone should have to sweat in their pants because someone else happens to have a problem with shorts.

  • I say yes

    Because the boys don't have to look of its distracting and honestly how many boys are going to be distracted if someone feels comfortable wearing something g let them wear it as long as your butt checks armt hanging out and holey jeans are the same thing as long as you feel comfy wear what ever the heck u want

  • Have some respect for yourself.

    As a high schooler speaking, a lot of teenagers have low respect for them self. School is where you come and learn, you come to get an education. It's not a fashion show. At my high school we have a strict dress code, anyways people that wear extra small booty shorts and holey jeans are #1 Trying to get attention, #2 Trying to be "cool", and #3 They have no parental guidance ...

  • Should not be allowed

    Short shorts are very inappropriate and disrespectful. Many girls argue that they're only legs and they're not nude. Would you be ok with guys not wearing shirts? Almost every store rejects service to guys with no shirts on. There's a reason why SCHOOL and BUSINESS environments have these set guidelines and policies.

  • I dislike short shorts mostly.

    Most girls who wear "booty" shorts in school are either:
    1. Doing it for attention.

    2. Wearing them because they think they look "sexy" in them.

    3. Do it to pick men up.

    And, I fully disagree with all these reasonings. Teenage women, like some teenage males, will be seeking attention. It's just part of growing up. But, we need to ban short shorts in schools, so young women across America won't be hated, and called "sluts" everyday! I don't hate women who wear them, I hate the fashion style. And yes, while arguing this, many feminists have tried attacking me, claiming that I "hate them because I 'hate' women." And that is not at ALL the case. I don't like, generally, women who try showing their bottoms off at school. This is also why women get sexually harassed, and even sexually assaulted! People keep saying, "If it's not harming you, don't say anything!" And I dislike that, strongly. I have the right to my opinion. And, it's harming them! You girls are SO ignorant. Don't come crying to me when some boy calls you a slut because you're wearing booty shorts. As for the holey jeans, I'm [sorta] fine with them. They're alright, just be yourself.

  • I say no

    I say no because it is very inappropriate and can be very disturbing in the hallways. No student trying to learn should have to see that at school. It could also be distracting for boys. And it shows off too much body. That is why I think short shorts should not be allowed.

  • I say no

    I say no because it is very inappropriate and can be very disturbing in the hallways. No student trying to learn should have to see that at school. It could also be distracting for boys. And it shows off too much body. That is why I think short shorts should not be allowed.

  • I hate them!

    The reason why hot girls get raped is because they wear all of those revealing clothes. What do they expect? They complain that guys are always staring at their butts and legs. Again, what do they expect? It's a pain always having to control myself to not look. I wish they would just make everyone wear school uniforms.

  • My opinion is no.

    In our generation, i've seen so many girls in my high school wearing short shorts and also outside such as the malls. It is not pleasant walking and seeing so many girls wear short shorts. It just look horrible especially, when they show their bums with a combination or a short shirt showing their belly. Yes, some people will disagree and yet teens have the freedom to chose.
    In my opinion i would have say no.

  • Dress with respect

    A school environment is a place of learning. If parents, admin and teachers want to keep that a priority rather than the school being a 'playground where kids do whatever they want -no limits', then a dress code is appropriate. Dress code can change with the times, but it's the parents and school personnel that should make the policy changes. Kids will always break the rules, but you need rules and consequences. That's life, no matter what the age!

  • People don't want to see what your mama gave ya

    Holey jeans- whatever. They're jeans with holes, get over it. BUT, short shorts? Disgusting. In high school, girls who THINK they have nice bodies wear them. Cellulite and butt cheeks galore. You had the girls that would wear shorts that covered everything appropriately, maintaining their pride class. However, there were other girls wearing shorts that might as well have been underwear. You saw the curves of their butt from the side, and occasionally, you'd see their butt cheeks just by standing behind them. Seriously, girls? Also, you'd have girls who were physically fit, but their thighs would look like cottage cheese. Honey, that isn't cute, and you make girls at your school seem gross. Girls who wear these short shorts lack self pride. They think the the only way they can make it through life is by flaunting what their mama gave them. Think about it. Did the girls in marching band and honors, who are now successful adults, wear short shorts? What about the girls that did? What did they do with their lives? Short shorts are the opposite of classy, and they should be banned in schools. I mean, come on, all girls in any school are representin'. Shorts shouldn't be banned as a whole, but their should be stricter dress code policies. If we can see the girl's butt and other body parts just by standing next to them, something needs to be done. Do you want your daughter to go to a school that is known for girls who are trashy or classy?

  • I Say No

    I say no to this because why would anyone even bother to wear revealing clothing to school? They most likely want to attract sexual attention but you go to school to learn, not find your sex partner. Besides it's distracting and you might get unwanted attention from some creepy person.

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