Is it bad if a man doesn’t date a woman because she’s black?

  • Yes it’s racism 101

    Racism should never affect anyone’s choice, Change anything or should have any effect on who you want to date. That’s like saying men should only date Asians because they’re Asian and cute and seem nice (it’s super stereotypical). If you don’t want to date a black woman cause their black no matter what race you are even if your black it’s racist as sh1t!

  • People have preferences.

    We don't fault other people for sticking to their own skin color. Why should whites be shamed for only being attracted to whites? You're the racist if you'll attack white people for dating white people only but won't attack black people for dating black people only. Do people who prefer people of another race hate their own race? Do they hate ghemselves? Don't be ridiculous.

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