• God condemns being a homosexual.

    He says that it is wrong and immoral since he specifically made a man and a woman for mankind and all other animals. You may not believe that He really is alive, but the arguement that being gay helps us not be overpopulated is stupid. Plus the arguement that most to all Christains don’t listen to Jesus’ teachings are also false. The only reason why Christains are considered to be hostile is not because of the person, but their actions. We just have the belief that if we can’t get them to change their sinful ways through peace, then they must change by force. This of course, does go against Jesus’ teachings. However, it doesn’t mean that if they sin once that they can’t be a Christian anymore. We want all people to be Christains and have everyone go to Heaven, its just like what I said, if you can’t change them peacefully, then try the harsher more painful way. We all sin, but a person will not see Heaven if they don’t believe in Jesus, and continue to live a sinful life.

  • Not humans! Lol

    Think Love is stupid no matter who is with who, but i respect those who think otherwise From what ive seen, love is more work then its worth, but being gay is not bad, i mean, one day we will invent artificial wombs so it will be useless, heterosexual or homosexual, i respect those who think otherwise, and hope you dont get offended for what i said, (and yes i know this seems emo)

  • It is not natural

    The purpose of the world is to pass down your genes from one generation to the next so why and who would want to start humping another guy thats just gay, so in my opinion gay is not ok and there should not be any more gays on this planet

  • Its fun to be gay.

    Its rill fun ta be gay cuzz it feel better when a tight dude throwin it back rather than makin luv to a lose bologna sandwich. P.S your homie knows how to keep a secret, females always tellin everyone if you hit them up. I could fuck a squirrel bih.

  • You were made one way.

    When you were made as a boy or or a girl, you are supposed to stay as a boy or a girl.It is okay for you to be like that but stop making such a big deal about it. You can be a gay or a lesbian but don't make a big deal about it. I personally think that it is wrong but you do you.

  • Being gay is okay!

    It is okay to be gay! "Love is tender and knows no gender" being gay is fine for us! People think its okay for other animals to be gay, but not humans! Plus if being gay was bad then no one would be gay! So in my own personal opinion, I think being gay is okay!

  • Being Gay Keeps Us From Overpopulation

    Being gay generally speaking gets a bad rep, not only because it was frowned upon (to say the least) in the Bible, but because it is generally deemed “unnatural” as one of our main purposes as living beings is to procreate. It is because of our drive to procreate that we some sort of stopper - which for us means homosexuals. Some scientists estimate that at least 10% of all animals are homosexual. This could be do to alteration or removal of the FucM (which stands for fucose mutarotase, I’m not making a joke or anything) gene that this is happening. All in all if homosexuals didn’t exist overpopulation would undoubtly occure, which would lead to food shortages and a whole world of other problems so, really, we should be thankful in a way! It is also important to know that being gay isn’t a choice, and neither is being straight. Neither is right nor wrong, and both have their purposes. Regardless of whichever you are, it’s alright - completely normal and not an issue. I think it’s funny how Jesus supposedly preached about loving everyone (even despite their sins as we are all sinful), and yet religious people tend to be the most hateful. I don’t suppose you would like it very much if you were constantly hated for something you couldn’t control, and by the high number of LGBT Teen Suicides, it doesn’t seem like they do either.

  • They are human too

    They are just like anyone else so just cause they like their gender they have to feel terrible about their sexuality guess what THEY ARE HUMAN JUST LIKE YOU except they like their own gender well guess what grow up and imagine yourself in their shoes though you cant cause they are powerful and brave and you guys suck for not excepting them you big jerks google" i want to be me "

  • I think Love is stupid no matter who is with who, but i respect those who think otherwise

    From what ive seen, love is more work then its worth, but being gay is not bad, i mean, one day we will invent artificial wombs so it will be useless, heterosexual or homosexual, i respect those who think otherwise, and hope you dont get offended for what i said, (and yes i know this seems emo)

  • Gay is a way of being that you should accept.

    When someone is gay, it is their choice. People choose their job, why not their oriental sex? It is their life and they make their choices not you or a rule you should never be ashamed of your choice if you believe in it , it must be a good one!

  • Nothing More Than An Opinion

    I know some incredible people who are homosexual. One is an active member of the church. Another is a lawyer. Yet another is involved in their local government. It shouldn't be anyone's business except them and the people close to them what they do outside of their professional life. It is in no way wrong to be gay. I went on believing it was because of all the opinions around me claiming it was for a very long time, until I met my "Uncles" (they aren't technically related to us), and they are the most amazing couple I've met. They're happy together, and I think that's all that matters. I walked through life believing that I was wrong, and that my opinion didn't matter, until I realized that it was no one's business what other people do unless it physically effects them, not just repulses them because they think one way. I think the earlier and more people understand that they can have their own opinions, but that it's no more than just an opinion, the better our society will be.

  • Of Course It Is

    Why wouldn't it be? You can't control everything about you, including your sexual orientation. Saying that being gay is bad is like saying that being African is bad, or being a guy is bad.

    Also, I know there is a lot of "God condemns homosexuals" and whatnot, but really, any decent god should love everyone no matter what. Isn't God all-forgiving (or is that someone else)? If He truly believes that being gay is bad, He will still forgive you.

  • Homosexual, polysexual, asexual, homoromantic, polyromantic, aromantic, I don't care about your label, but you're valid.

    You don't choose to be gay. You don't really chose what you are. You just are. It's kinda like being black, and how people dont like black people. They're still living beings. Same thing goes for gay people. Though I dont think everyone needs to have a label. Gay is just like straight, we're all living beings like I said before. We just like different genders, if any. It really shouldn't matter at all. If people are for some random reason against the LGBTQ+ community, I'll be against hetros for no reason. I dont care who you are or what your opinions are, because I'll never be able to understand why you're so homophobic (if you are).

  • It's not wrong to be Gay, Lesbian, or Bi-Sexual

    For one people teach you to love who you love not a special gender. Now unless that's the way you were raised its the reason you don't believe. I absolutely hate when people discriminate against people that love the people for their personality not their gender. These are most of the reasons why it's NOT wrong/bad to be gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual.

  • I guess the gays are helping?

    Normally if humanity was in a crisis in which we need more people to start the “frickle frackle” ti help grow our population, I would say being gay is sormthig unnecessary and shouldn’t be done. However, as humanity is slowly growing we may not have enough space for everybody to live somewhere, and overpopulation will eventually take us over. However, the gay men wouldn’t be able to contribute to childbirth due to the lack of a womb (they’re men, it’s obvious), so it may slow down the rate of overpopulation. Therefore, “being gay is okay”

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