Is it Bad to be Gay? (Please keep religion out of this)

Asked by: SMcBride01
  • Basic biology .

    When organisms begin life the main goal is to sustain life. The second main goal of an organism is to procreate. Using this standard of thinking being gay by definition is going against your very nature, and therefore should be classified a mental illness and should be treated rather than celebrated.

  • “Bad” is so vague and open to interpretation.

    It may not be morally bad or even unnatural from an evolutionary perspective. But you could consider it bad like being autistic is bad; meaning if you had the choice most would not chose to be gay. Instinctively most would choose not to be gay because they realize the benefits of being part of a majority and not a minority. If you still aren’t convinced, being gay makes you statistically more likely to: commit suicide, suffer from substance abuse, be the victim of physical spousal abuse, be the victim of a hate crime, to have a spouse that cheats on you...Just to name a few. I have a lot of sympathy for anyone gay because it can be a hard road, one I would not want to travel.

  • As a guy wed to another guy, yes it is.

    My groom and I have been wed for over ten years, and again a second time once it was made legal. That being said, I was raised by my mother, a lawyer and a bit of a feminist, to be open to the possibility of being gay. I did, however date only women for the longest time. About twelve years ago, after another failed heterosexual relationship, I made a conscious decision to seek out and find who eventually became my groom. I asked HIM out. I, before too long, proposed marriage to HIM. Next thing I know, we're in tuxes, walking arm in arm down the aisle in front of a lot of people, some of them quite shocked! We had a second, equally formal, wedding when gay marriage was made legal. I'd not leave this relationship since I made an adult decision to commit, but were I able to do things differently? Were I raised differently? Certainly, I'd do things differently. Plus, since I've been very publicly and very formally wed to another guy - TWICE - I don't think there'd be any point trying to "switch" to being straight now!

  • Abnormality is bad.

    There are a few different claims on the cause of homosexuality like genetic, environmental, and mental conditions. It has been common practice that if people have abnormal conditions from these or other sources, measures are taken to correct this condition because it may have a negative impact on the person with it. Clearly this condition does hinder their ability to have a normal family life (husband, wife,kids, and grand-kids). Ways should be found to correct this condition.

  • Its ok to be gay

    Have you been gay before! I think not! Being gay is not bad in any way no laws are being broken so it is not wrong. Age is just a number, sister is just a title and prison is just a place and no is just a word. Prove me wrong

  • Being gay is totally ok!

    No one can help their feelings. Saying being gay is wrong is saying it’s wrong to fall in love with someone you deeply care for. That is what’s wrong. Sure, Everyone has their opinions, But you can keep them to urself if it means not accepting others for who they are

  • Well for society, it is

    Gay people cause stupid debates like this. If you want to be gay then be gay (because it’s within your rights) but just know that you cause problems. It may not be your choice but that doesn’t mean that you won’t slow down reproduction, cause stupid debates and generally be a blemish on our society.

  • If Your Gay Your straight up retarded and have no friends (VERY BAD)

    We have a penis and vagina for a reason, Use the darn combination, Don't make up some gay/lesbian bullshit to change that shit. Your not getting a darn medal or respect by doing this. You all should just honestly do us a favour a fk yourself tbh, Don't even try fk around with innocent people"s lives.

  • I don't mean to be rude but its just not normal

    The way I see it is that life can't exist without a man and a woman mating, I mean imagine if everyone was attracted to the same gender then the population won't last very long. And then on top of that I see these gay people acting like the opposite gender its just not natural for us as humans to do the opposite of what we were created for. Reproduction.

  • Confused, confused, confused. There's a lot about the LGBTQ community that doesn't make sense. In fact there are some huge contradictions.

    Lets look at the concept of homosexuality from a scientific or evolutionary point of view. Evolution would've eliminated any homosexual tendencies in any species of animal. Evolution was all about passing on favourable traits, through procreation, that enabled a species to survive changing environments. But 2 homosexual males couldn't reproduce and pass on homosexual tendencies, same for 2 homosexual females.

    So how is homosexuality a natural thing if it wasn't produced by the process that gave us all the species of animals on the earth, including humans? Procreation is the way a species ensures it's own survival. Homosexuals are unable to naturally procreate, therefore there are unable to naturally ensure the survival of the human race.
    Back in 2008, the media was a buzz for a few months about a scientific study that found something different in the brains of homosexuals from heterosexuals. This was interpreted to mean that homosexuality is therefore a natural thing.
    But similar studies done on the brains of pedophiles and serial killers around the same time with the same results: there is something in the brains of pedophiles that make them sexually attracted to little kids. Like wise, there's something in the brains of serial killers that gives them pleasure from killing other human beings.

    I see a huge contradiction there! What makes one result natural and the other two results in need of some kind of treatment?
    Then we come to the transgender element. The 'T' in LGBT, so they're part of the same community. Science says you can't change your gender.
    DNA only has 2 chromosomes that represent male and female. DNA can't be changed.
    Women have a different pelvis and a different angle at the elbows from men.
    And there's also the fact that A MAN WHO TRANSITIONS TO A 'WOMAN' CAN NOT GIVE BIRTH, OR MENSTRUATE because modern science can not put a womb into a male body and have that womb produce eggs.
    All science does is give the person an outward appearance of womanhood. But on the inside, all the fundamental female body are missing.

    On the other hand, WOMEN WHO TRANSITION FROM FEMALE TO MALE ARE GIVING BIRTH. Because they still have all the internal parts that make a woman a woman.
    So back in 2008, science was the praised for 'proving' that homosexuality is natural and therefore legitimate. A couple of years later, the transgenders insisted that there must be more than two genders. However, science has always disagreed because of the reasons I mentioned above. As a result, trans people insist that biology is wrong and there are multiple genders.
    So if science is RIGHT about lesbian, gay and bisexual part of the LGBT community, what's the criteria you use to determine that science is WRONG about the transgender part of that community.
    Or, if science is WRONG about the 'T' in LGBT, what standard did you use to determine that science is RIGHT about the 'L,' the 'G' and the 'B?'

  • No, it is not

    Being gay is not bad. It is just the way you are. No one chooses who they will fall in love with. Similarly, no one chooses their skin color, their hair color, their gender, etc. Some people will call it unnatural, but everything is unnatural depending on your perspective, right?

    All in all, gay people are fine, don't judge someone on their sexual orientation, but judge them on their character.

  • Gay is ok

    As a gay male, I believe it is extremely important not to judge someone on their sexual orientation, but instead on the character. It shouln't matter who I choose to love. Being gay is not a choice. As the queen Lady Gaga once said - "I was born this way"

  • Of course not

    Being gay is as natural as being straight. It is not chosen, nor is it unnatural. That is evident by the amount of species in which we have observed homosexuality and gay behavior. If animals incapable of rational and logical thought can be gay, there is no compelling argument to suggest the contrary. Science is entirely in favor of gay people being normal and fine.

  • You people on the yes side are STUPID

    Why should being gay be bad. It whatever makes the person happy. If you don't think that the you are extremely rude. Plus many famous people are gay AHEM* NEIL PATRICK HARRISON he's gay and married and has two kids. It's stupid that gay became an insult to like 3 year-olds

  • Gey is litty

    Yeeeeeee my bro i just need the 50 word counter thing to go down to zero but yeah being gay isnt even a choice like im in 8th grade and im more mature than these redneck ass 50 year olds jesus they are the ones that need to grow up :)

  • Of course not.

    Why would it be bad? It's just love. Apparently the act of loving is only to reproduce? Being gay isn't a choice, it's not like you can wake up one day and say "I'm gonna like that one boy/girl". That's not how it works. Love is natural and that's that. Yes, if evolution is true, then many animals could not be gay because we would not be able to survive for long. But that was simply about reproducing. In this age, no one gives a fuck about making babies anymore. We don't hurt and bully single people or people who can't reproduce. (most of the time) Why do we do that to gay people?

  • No, its not

    The main reason that gays were and still discriminated against is because it goes against the Christians and creationists sky daddy who says that homosexuality is a sin, they even made a bunch of messed up conversion camps for those who are gay, this is just sad, so no its not wrong to be gay, your non existent sky daddy is wrong.

  • No It is not

    Speaking from the perspective of a gay person, I am ridiculed every day for being just a little bit different from everyone else, and still am a happy human being for who I am. Because of all the teasing they go through, gay people come out a stronger, funnier person in the end. I have never met a weak, boring gay guy (Ive met plenty of sad boring puddles of straight people.) Gay peoples lives are hard enough... Why teas them because they're different than you? Teasing a gay person includes riduculing thousands of years of history for the gay community as well.

  • You are born with it

    People are born the way they are. You can't change this, nor can you stop it. The only thing you can do is support she/he, and help her/him on.
    It's like allergies. You can't change allergies, you can only prevent them by taking precautions. And, sometime, it's going to happen, and you can't stop it. You're going to have an allergic reaction.
    A girl will one day find out she likes girls.
    A boy will find out he likes boys.
    And the world spins on.

  • Nothing wrong with it, if you ask me

    Personally, I don't see any problems with gay people. I mean, it can be a tad bit strange to observe to most, but unless they're shoving their ideas down everyone's throat, there's no harm done. Besides, it might actually be a good idea to curb the birth rate a tad bit. But that's a completely different can of worms, and one I'd rather not talk about.
    TL:DR It's their choice and so long as they don't force it upon others, there's nothing wrong with them.

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Ravensong2 says2018-05-15T14:53:41.627
This debate was really stupid
SMcBride01 says2018-05-16T03:12:53.150
Why is it stupid?
WHISKERSBEARD says2018-05-16T13:58:48.683
I don't think this was stupid probably just someone asking their opinions on the person possibly being gay. I stand for the no side idk why anyone would say yes
SMcBride01 says2018-05-17T01:34:28.013
@WHISKERSBEARD Thanks for the support! I was just curious about what others think, without religion being involved because in all the other Opinions like this, the side that is anti-gay always brings up the Bible and God and stuff. I just wanted some secular reasoning, if that makes sense.
asta says2018-05-18T19:13:24.457

Gays tend to get diagnosed with HIV more often then straight people. It could be due to the fact that the homosexuals do homosexual things like gay sex which might be more likely to spread STDs then straight sex.

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