• I just spent 18 hours playing civi 6

    If I didn't do that I would have had to time to actually eat food and drink water. The time I wasted was so extreme that I'm started to close my eyes and see images of Mongolia horse zooming around. The game has made my neck beard grow an inch longer because I forgot to shave it

  • There are much better things to do

    Like look at photos of your naked mom. By the way she is a pornstar if you did not know. Go have fun watching these fun videos of OP's mom. What you do is put the video on and there is a sexy thing on the screen. So next you unzip pants and then do a fun thing

  • Less stress On immune system

    It gets your mind off of COVID and allows you to help your immune system because worrying will make your immune system weaker to said issue so if you worry about COVID you will be weakening your immune system. If you play something such a call of duty it can let you imagine the enemies as COVID you can think that you are killing the virus.

  • Better than going out!

    It depends because nowadays we cannot step out of our houses and all credit goes to the one and only COVID 19. . Playing video games help us to kill boredom and pass time( which is way better than stepping outside the house during this emergency period. . . . On the other hand playing video games are not at all a fruitful task. . . There are many other things to do such as trying new dishes, Doing household works ect. But primarily it is not bad playing video games during COVID 19. .

  • No, It is a better alternative than going out

    During a pandemic, Such as COVID-19, Which we are experiencing right now, Staying home and avoiding crowds is crucial in order to flatten the healthcare- infected curve, So hospitals can attend and take care of patients optimally. One of the ways in order to keep yourself at home is playing video games. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, As long as you can keep yourself under control and not play for hours on end without maintaining some physical activity or doing other tasks as well, Such as talking to friends.

  • No no no

    By playing video games they don't mean excessively or constantly so I am against it being bad also considering I've been playing video games quite a bit recently due to the lockdown so I believe and, I hope you do too, That there is no reason to be against playing video games

  • Not at all unless. . .

    You should not play for hours and hours though.
    Set a time limit and use an alarm to keep track of time.
    Then go do push ups and crunches and other exercises. If you have a back yard go do jumping jacks and sprints. If you live in an apartment complex and can't make noise then do squats and other indoor exercises.
    Once you are very tired go do something else. Learn an instrument or paint or draw or write a book. Maybe you can make a comic book or whatever, And if it comes out good you can sell it for some money.
    Do not waste your free time.
    Because if you sit all day and play video games and eat you will get fat. Have a routine and you will never be bored.

  • Viruses Do Not Affect The Behavior Of Playing Video Games

    I'd get if someone asked whether people should get out of their homes or not during COVID 19, But this is absurd. I mean, Okay, Sure, Let's go with this. Playing or not playing video games has no effect in whether you get coronavirus (or ANY virus to be exact). That's just how viruses work (NOT COMPUTER VIRUSES). . .

    Really, When it comes down to video games, Coronavirus has no burden over the morality of it. Would you play video games if there WASN'T COVID 19? If the answer is yes, It's fine to play video games during COVID 19. If not, That's a different debate and should be argued in a debate titled "Is it bad to play video games"?

  • OKAY here we go

    We cannot go outside anymore. Great. Like many other WORLDWIDE I have gone over to what you on the opposing team call 'the dark side' and played this completely violent and covid filled game:
    animal crossing. YOU IDIOT whoever is over there on the yes side. Seriously whoever answered yes to this needs to get their brain checked.

  • Playing video games never really was bad, And it's even better now

    Some people may argue that too many video games are bad for your health, (which it is) well guess what? Too much of almost everything is bad for your health. Video games are a fun activity that you can do when you can't go outside and play with friends. It also increases hand-eye coordination and teamwork skills (this last one only if you're playing a game that involves teamwork)

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