Is it bad to spend a lot of time on the computer?

  • Yes, it can be addicting

    A computer addiction is almost as bad as a smoking addiction, once you start you can’t stop. Most people who spend all their time on the computer forget the outside world, its hard for people to see their loved ones become a virtual zombie. No one wants to go through that.

  • Yes, it can be when it is used wrongly.

    While computer time is not inherently bad, many people (like teens) do not use it for research or work (such as programming), but instead use it for entertainment. It is important to exercise and know how to function in the world around you, and perfect skills that are not computer-related. For children, too much computer time can lead to lack of exercise, social ineptitude, and unhealthy attachment to online games and entertainment videos, not to mention exposure to predators who offer the internet equivalent of candy; Free items, free games, romance with another their age, and so forth.

  • Way Too Addictive!

    Using your laptop for hours on end... For what? Netflix? Work? I really don't care. But the important thing is to actually get up and do something. Instead of watching the next episode on the Walking Dead or Pretty Little Liars or whatever you are watching right now... And play a game of catch with your son... Or just anything really. Get out of the house and go for a run and clear your mind.
    As for children... Too many game playing can result in upset children when they have to put the technological away. Want a challenge? Detoxicate yourself from all electronics... Find your inner self.
    Just remember it won't kill you!

  • Spending a LOT of time on the computer is bad.

    Spending 1-2 hours on the computer in a day is okay. Spending 2-3 hours is pretty much okay, especially if you need the computer urgently to do important work, but spending more then 5 hours on your computer is quite bad. It can ruin your eyes and give you quite big eye-bags. Too much of anything is bad.

  • It has MANY benefits!

    I literally just spent about eight hours on my computer, and I am fine. Parents say that it can effect your moods but it is shown to actually help you in life and as technology grows, it is crucial to keep up with time. I think parents don't want things to change. They want it to be the "good old days"

  • Computer Addiction Can Be A Problem

    I believe that is some rare cases, being on the computer a lot can be bad. There are many reasons to be on a computer these days. Your work or peers may require that you be available and online or at a work station for most the day. While this may not be fun, it is not inherently bad. I believe computer usage can be bad when a person gives up normal life and lives on the computer.

  • Yes, it's bad for your health

    Spending too much time on your computer can be very bad in many ways. Researchers at the University of Gothenburg found out that people who use a computer or their mobile phone for a long time can develop stress, sleeping disorders and depression. This tells that using a computer for a long time can be a mentally stressing thing to do. Also, the rays that computer screen have can effect your eyes. So you shouldn't spend too much time on computer.

  • There can be serious health consequences to prolonged computer use.

    Playing computer games for long periods increases your chances of suffering from multiple health problems. These problems are caused by the time sitting and the strain on your eyes. reports that "sitting all the time with no exercise decreases muscle tone, causes circulatory disorders, and greatly increases the risk of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease". At the same time your body is deteriorating your eyes are suffering. According to Eyestrain, says Mark Bullimore, a professor at The Ohio State University College of Optometry, results from staring at a screen over long periods of time. Such activity causes eye exhaustion: burning, dryness and muscle aches—all unpleasant and potentially incapacitating symptoms while they last.

  • Too Much of Anything is Bad

    Yes, it is bad to spend too much time on the computer. Looking at a computer screen for an extended period of time can hurt your eyes and have bad consequences. People tend to get lazy when they just sit on the computer all day. That time could be spent doing something else.

  • Not at all.

    As long as you still get exercise, using the computer can be quite good for you. You can get to meet so many people on forums and in video games, maybe some friends who you would not have met in real life, work and write much more efficiently than with pen and paper, research whatever you would like to, educate others, get creative with games like Minecraft, learn to program and earn money to support yourself, have fun watching or making videos, and a quickly growing number of other amazing things you can't just go out and do without the computer. Of course, it's not good to use the computer 24/7. Exercise is very important also, because using the computer can lead to health problems as some people have said. However, a lot of those health problems are caused by sitting. You also sit while reading a book or doing other things like that. And with a good monitor (I use an MSI gaming laptop, amazing monitor), you shouldn't be blinded or anything. As long as you sit pretty far away from your computer (around the length of your arm while leaning back in your chair). Being too close or too far causes eye strain.

  • It has MANY benefits!

    I literally just spent about eight hours on my computer, and I am fine. Parents say that it can effect your moods but it is shown to actually help you in life and as technology grows, it is crucial to keep up with time. I think parents don't want things to change. They want it to be the "good old days"

  • Not at all

    Most people say "It's bad for your eyes!"
    Well, I spend usually 12 hours a day on my laptop. I lead a rather boring life, as you can imagine, but I digress, because my eyes are perfect. I have 20/20 vision, no actual problems apart from green and red deficiency (Which is genetic, I believe.). I am not extremely fat, perhaps a little chubby, and I think I am pretty average in intelligence. The only downside I see in long exposure to the internet is lack of normality, but perhaps that is just me.

  • No, mostly.

    No, it is not bad to spend a lot of time on the computer unless one is doing it to the exclusion of other life activities, such as socializing, or simply being with oneself once in a while in the form of taking a walk, reading a book, or doing something one finds enjoyable.

  • No

    Ultimately the answer depends on how much time is spent on the computer and what someone does with this time. I personally use the computer almost all day, mainly for work, research, and Facebook. When it comes to children, though, this can become a big problem. If the children are spending all of their time on the internet talking to strangers and giving out personal information, they are often unknowingly putting themselves and their family in danger (of potentially being robbed or the child being kidnapped). It is definitely important for parents to discuss with their children what is and is not acceptable behavior on the computer! I'm not a big fitness person, but especially with children, they need to get out and get some exercise as well as socialize.

  • No, it is not bad to spend a lot of time on the computer.

    This topic can be argued either way, depending on what you are using the computer for. I will assume you are using the computer to research and better educate yourself. If this is the case, you can't spend enough time on your computer! Many will argue the downfalls of staring at a computer screen for hours at a time, but that's what glasses are for. I would rather be educated with glasses, than another cattle with 20/20 vision.

    Real education comes from self research. This cannot be done completely without a computer.

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Max.Giezen says2014-04-03T14:33:43.380
There are many people saying that gaming and being on the computer much is a waste of time, "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted." - Bertrand Russel. And everyone saying that computering is bad and that you have to stop are pure hypocrites. Everyone does something that is bad for you, like they say you have to stop to play on the computer while that guy is just watching television all day or texting someone on his phone. Just let the people be who are on the computer we dont hurt anyone and are not bad for other humans, I go to school, have many friends get good grades and even work in a game selling store. Sorry for my bad english im Dutch.