• The money out weights the candidate and what he or she stands for.

    Money has no object being the center of attention of the candidate. Yes, it is to expensive and if it wasn't for money we would see more candidates in political races that are qualified but just don't believe that you need a pile of cash to make a difference in this world. The third party candidates are out of the race before they even get started due to lack of funds.

    A dollar limit needs to be set and this would be all the funds that the person in the race has to run his political campaign with until voting day. This is a proving point to show people in this country who can really control money by means of budgeting, and also shows what they value by what they spend it on. Anyone who squanders off money like it's candy, would not make a good political winner for any official position.

  • It is too expensive to run for office.

    These days, no one can run for office without the support of major donors. Television advertisements and the logistics of running a campaign are too expensive for normal people. Even if someone tried to run without financial support, they would be overshadowed by opponents who have larger budgets to spend.

  • It's All About The Almighty Dollar

    Everything in America - including politics and indeed elections - is designed to cater to the wealthy. Many years ago there was a phrase called "no taxation without representation", and the poor are being taxed and yet have ZERO representation in virtually all levels of government.

    Why? Because those who have more financial backing have a huge campaign advantage and therefore are far more likely to be elected. A candidate who is poor and is backed by the poor voters won't get elected because while there are more poor people, they will not be aware of the candidate and his or her issues because there is not as much money to finance the campaign. Meanwhile, the rich people donate to campaigns for their chosen candidates out of their surplus income, and that higher funded campaign makes people more aware of the candidate, so they gain election.

    If that candidate who won election on the backs of rich people's dollars wants to win another term, he or she will make sure to vote the way the rich people want them to vote - meaning poor people are not represented.

  • It's also why our democracy is being eroded.

    Since we live in an age of unprecedented access to information through media such as television and the internet, any prospective candidate for a federal post is forced to choke over incredible amounts of money to pay for the advertising that spreads their message and arguments across. In highly contested elections, the price of running a campaign can get so high that each candidate is forced to solicit and accept political donations from the very wealthy as well as corporations. Ever since the Citizens United ruling by the SCOTUS, the Candidates cater to the special interests that are capable of funding their campaigns through donations and SuperPACs. Because of the need to raise as much money as possible, many politicians are literally "bought out" and cease to work for the people.

  • No, people can still run for local offices on a budget

    While running for President of the US requires millions of dollars, everyday Americans can still run for office in their local communities. Local offices do not requires that candidates spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on campaign ads and travel tours. Candidates use cost-effective methods of putting up posters and going door-to-door with their campaign messages.

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