Is it beneficial for students to learn coding instead of a foreign language in grade school?

  • They're really not that different.

    Though, I would like to ask many questions about this question (if that makes any sense to you guys), both coding and learning foreign language are important in general. With every passing day, more and more of out modern world is dealing with technology, whether we like it or not. Kids are checking out the new games like "Call Of Duty Black Ops 3" and older people are relying on technology to maneuver around their house. Learning a foreign language can be very helpful, but that's only if you every decide to leave your own country to another one. Coding will help the future generations more than foreign language would. Also keep in mind, you can learn new languages ANYTIME, online, for free! So honestly, does learning another language in school really matter when you can just learn at home on your free time, without taking out necessary subjects to the children.

  • Yes yes and yes

    In this world it is a world of tec. Yes learning is important but its 2016 everything is run by computers half of the world talks by text and don't even say words in person to each other. When our children get older a lot of them will grow up to be computer pros. I do think it important to learn a different language but tec is the world these days.!

  • Both should be learned.

    Coding is just as good a skill as a foreign language. It all really depends on your future line of work. If you want to design web pages on computers, coding is good. If you want to travel or be a translator, foreign language is good. It also wouldn't hurt to learn both if you haven't decided or going into a line of work that doesn't require either.

  • Yes, coding is the wave of the future

    Coding should be offered in schools as an alternative to foreign languages. Coding provides job skills that will be of critical importance when students graduate and enter the real world. Jobs in coding pay well and would be more profitable than foreign language skills in most professions. More schools should adopt this option.

  • Coding is important in this age

    The internet is connecting the entire world like never before and it's important that students understand how the internet works. Coding teaches them just that and allows them to go from being consumers of the internet to its architect. Students can learn foreign languages as hobbies but coding is a skill that will help them their entire lives in this technological age.

  • Is it "more" beneficial?

    I assume the question was intended to mean is it "more" beneficial to teach coding instead of a foreign language. Of course coding is a beneficial skill, but if the argument is that it is somehow more valuable to students in these latter days than learning a foreign language, the answer is absolutely not.

    I could go into a whole bunch of statistics that show the probability of a student entering a high tech career with low peer communication as opposed to the probability of the student entering into a career with low tech but high peer communication, which is significantly higher, but let's just use common sense instead.

    Knowing a foreign language is beneficial in both environments with and without tech. Coding, however, is irrelevant in environments that do not use tech.

  • False dichotomy, Teach both!

    Coding is essential given the pace of automation limiting the availability of non-coding jobs. They should start to teach coding in Kindergarten. But that doesn't mean they should not teach foreign languages. One is not a substitute for the other. There are benefits to thinking from learning a foreign language.

  • Coding is good! But it's not another language.

    Let's say I want to be a designer for clothes, it wouldn't really benifit me if I knew coding would it? If I wanted to become a programmer or something like that, then yes I could see how it'd help.

    But not everyone should be forced to learn a programming language. It just doesn't have the same thing.

  • They should learn both

    There is no reason children can't learn how to code and how to speak a foreign language. Both of these skills are highly desirable in the workplace, and in order to understand future changes in coding, kids need to start young. In a changing world they need to learn languages too.

  • Coding is beneficial, but not a substitute for foreign language

    While I think we can all agree that technology is of utmost importance in education, I don't think it should be a replacement for foreign language learning. Learning a different language activates different parts of your brain and makes you a more marketable worker in the wider world, as you age. And I don't think that there's any substitute for being able to grapple with another culture.

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