• Living under one roof is good for the entire family .

    I know from experience that living with my entire family along with my wife's family under one roof is very beneficial for us. I also believe that anyone who chooses to live this way will benefit physically,financially and emotionally. It also creates a feeling of closeness and trust as relatives rely on each other for support.

  • Yes, it's beneficial for a family to live under one roof.

    I think that there are benefits to having an entire family live under one roof. I think though that it depends on the family. I can see such a thing becoming a problem for a lot of families. I actually have a friend whose entire family lives under one roof and they seem to get along well.

  • One roof is good

    It can be beneficial if an entire family is living under one roof because then the family can always remain emotional and physically close to each other. The family members need to be careful because often times living with each other can cause arguments and people get on each other's nerves.

  • Yes, it is beneficial to have an entire family living under one roof.

    Unfortunately, this question is extremely unclear because "entire family" is not defined. For the purpose of my answer, I believe a traditional family should live under one roof because it provides an element of security for all involved. From sharing chores to providing children with stability, having a family under one roof together allows all to be conjoined as a cohesive family that share common values and goals.

  • Yes, it is beneficial for all of the parties involved.

    Yes, the family could benefit by saving money and being able to use it else where. Also there is a stronger bond between a family when forced to live under one roof. There is a stronger foundation of trust, secuirty, and communication when a large amount of people have to coexist within a specific area.

  • I don't agree that an entire family living in one home is beneficial.

    No I do not think it is beneficial for one family to be living under one roof. As children grow into adults they should move out into a home of their own. This allows the child to understand and accept the responsibilities that accompany adulthood. It also allows the parents the change to reconnect as couple, they have their home to themselves.

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