• Yes it is benefical.

    It is beneficial to learn a second language. It is because you can translate for some one else. Another reason is that you will have a lot more culture in you. Next, you can meet a lot more people to talk to. Last, you can turn it into a game of fun.

  • Learning A Secong Language

    I personally think that it is very beneficial to learn a second language because you are able to teach the second language to the other person as well as sharing the second language. I personally think that it is very beneficial to learn a second language because you are able to communicate with other people.

  • Yes, it is beneficial to learn one

    In this day and age, with travel and the Internet, you would benefit from another language. Its smart to think you can either make more money or just culture yourself on a level that brings you to a new sense of happiness. Its going to come in handy either way down the road, I suggest doing it.

  • A seceond language is valuable

    It can be very beneficial to learn a second language, especially with the influx of hispanics in this country. But it is very important to first master the English language because a person won't be successful without that. Many high schools around the country should teach kids a second language.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, I think that it is helpful if you have a second language that you are fluent in. I think that it will be good if you ever have to travel to that place, or maybe if someday you just meet a person who only speaks that language you know.

  • It is a great tool.

    I am currently learning spanish. And, as my accounting instructor once pointed out to me, learning a second language is like obtaining a second degree. It really gets your brain working and forces you to think. And it forces you to think differently. Languages vary so much from each other, and learning context really stretches the mind.

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