Is it beneficial to live a life of restraint and virtue (yes) or to live a life of excess and indulgence (YOLO) (no)?

Asked by: CynicalDiogenes
  • Virtue Tops Indulgence

    People who live lives of virtue and restraint are healthier and more socially productive people than people who live lives of excess and indulgence. If people want to live lives of excess and indulgence they shouldn't burden society by seeking health care and using medical resources as a result of their own bad choices.

  • It is beneficial to live a life of restraint. We need discipline!

    I believe this because without rules and without restraint, the world would be chaos. People need boundaries. Take Lord of the Flies, for example. (I have not finished reading it.) The older boys, without their parents, are of danger to the little boys. The older boys have no boundaries or discipline because their parents are not their to do so, so they will torture the little ones as they please. Is that the type of life you want? Also, people get way too crazy and lose sight of what is important when they have too much of a good thing. People, when fed good things, get hungrier and hungrier. If the people are just given what they want, they will never stop. And soon enough, they will go crazy. We need discipline because it keeps us in line.

  • True happiness can only be achieved by living a life of Virtue

    It is really obvious that there is a limit to the amount of happiness that only material prosperity can give.Living a life of excess will eventually result is the person getting accustomed to that level of material consumption, and will invariably result in a greater and greater need of the same things.

    The amount of resources in the world are limited and thus irresponsible consumerism can no longer be sustained.Thus,Seeking happiness within, rather than in the outside world has become a moral responsibility for all.

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