• Stoners don't put themself at risk

    Most times young people get drunk, they get into trouble for reasons that are directly related to drinking. They get too drunk, have blackouts or hangovers, drink and drive, or destroy property Youngsters who get stoned are often not causing as much internal or external damage, and are smoking responsbily.

  • Yes, of course.

    The dangers of alcohol are well known and documented and it has been shown that alcohol is much more dangerous than marijuana. With that said, I do not think people should get high or drunk until they are of a responsible age. But the world isn't perfect, obviously, and this will keep happening.

  • No, it is not

    If you look at it from a criminal stand point, It is not acceptable. I think if it ever gets passed as something for recreational use, it might be considered better. Drinking and driving however, is just awful and should be considered more dangerous than the effects of pot and driving.

  • It is not better for a teenager toget high instead of drunk.

    It is not better for a teenager to get high instead of drunk. Recreational drugs are for the most part illegal and therefore if a teenager is caught in possession of an illegal drug he or she can face legal troubles. Illegal drugs are also potential more harmful than alcohol because they may contain impurities or simply lead to a chronic addiction which wil destroy their lives.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that getting drunk will be a lot more healthy for the teen, and that it will not lead them to go do worse drugs on down the road, since alcohol is not really a gate way to any things that are a lot worse on your life.

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