• We can't live on false hope.

    Yes, it is better in the long run to correct the market now, rather than have the crash that we had in 2009. People need to know the realities of their finances so that they can plan fairly, rather than live in a bubble but have a big crash at the end.

  • Correcting the market now stops problems in the future

    The debate on whether or not to correct the market now. Or deal with it later is a matter of putting the cart before the horse or after. In my opinion, it is problematic to consider that leaving an issue unsolved for a later date is good business. The market needs to be updated, fine tuned and then evaluated again to make sure that the future is strong. Otherwise problems will be forthcoming and the only question is when.

  • Market correction must happen soon

    Yes it is better for the long run to correct the market now. A skewed market will only further drain the economy and provide falsehoods for those it affects most. Wall Street has been utilizing false facts to plump it up and that must end now. This country needs stability.

  • If we make the right corrections, we can solve the problem.

    It is best to handle problems today because in the future new variables are introduced that could further complicate how to solve the issue. Today we have an idea of how to correct the market and we should do what is necessary to correct these problems before they become bigger.

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