Is it better to attend public (yes) or private (no) schools?

  • Public schools always

    Public schools are very eligible to me because 1. They DO NOT MAKE YOU PAY!!!!! 2. They have a way to work with each child so that ALL KIDS get to learn about what every one else is learning also!! And 3. Did i mention that you have an opportunity to just have that feeling you were having a healthy lunch today because public schools have natural food choices for all kids!!!!!! That is why kids are better in public schools than in private schools!!

  • Public schools are better than private schools

    In many ways you could say that public schools are better for you child. Here are 3 of those reasons.
    First of all in public schools you don't have to pay for uniforms. Uniforms cost range is from $87-$120. These aren't cheap. These uniforms are only including a shirt, shorts or skirt for girls and sometimes socks. The socks can raise the cost of uniforms just like if you have to by certain shoes too.
    The second reason is because people have to pay to go to a private school. The paying for a private schools is way more than the tax you are paying for public schools. Also a good point is if you go to a private schools you still have to pay that tax for the public schools.

    Third and final reason is that the private schools are for the rich. If you were poor you would not be able to pay the high tuition fee for only one year. For all the years your tuition fee is raised times the number of years you want to stay at that school.

    This is why I recommend a public school over private schools.

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