• Thots are 1000% better

    I am personally a thot and i have aids but i also am very rich and i have a saying: me no study me no care me gon marry a millionaire if he die me no cry mo gon marry another guy. I GET YEEZIES EVRYDAY BCOS I IS A THOT

  • Beauty is better

    Being beautiful gets you friends, Money, Power and respect whereas intelligence doesn't bring you anything worthwhile. Intelligence generally leads to depression and being ugly definitely leads to poor self worth and loneliness especially as smart people are bullied, After which there is no comeback, There is no purpose. Beauty is a comfort and a safety net whereas intelligence is sharp and painful and causes misery.

  • Thots are better

    It is better to be a thot than brain because thots are great have you ever met a brain they are so CONDESCENDING when they speak to you they are just trying to appear more intelligent but thots are so much better because they cradle your heart and they care for you

  • Being smart isn't good

    Look I've always been flattered for being a smart guy, but being intelligent makes you vulnerable. Why? Because you're more aware of your surroundings. When you're smart you worry too much, you overthink, you are more afraid, you are more frustrated. Being smart won't let you sleep at night, it will only make you wish you weren't that smart.

  • Beauty is important in today's society.

    Intelligence is without a doubt very important, but in today's society where everyone is cynical, selfish, narcissistic, and obsessed with looks, I'd say beauty is pretty important. Everyone "talks" and says that "beauty isn't everything" yet they refuse to talk to someone who does not meet their standards as "beautiful people." Beauty will always give people an advantage and no matter how smart you are, people will be more drawn to you if you're pretty. I wish I could say that people focus on intelligence more but today's society doesn't give a damn about being smart and only care about "cute makeup, cute clothes" and just in general being beautiful even if it means being a straight up asshole.

  • Guise jo fho

    Yo h h h h h m s h bel abs and the other day and I have to be a good day for you and I don't think that I have a great way for a few years back on my way home from work to be the first half of the year and the first

  • Intelligence is more important than beauty.

    Intelligence is a more crucial element than beauty in life, and in the long run. Beauty is only skin deep, and it is only a bonus that gives one a step ahead in life, but it won't last long, for age will wear it out. People with or without beauty need intelligence to back them up, in order to succeed in life.

  • Being beautiful is Wonderful

    When you are beautiful, you are wonderful. Because that beauty will lead you to the top where you can have a better life for you and for your future. You are crowded by many people that could make you flatter and feel fluttering to the sky like a butterfly. No wonder they would compare you to a butterfly because of the beauty you had and forever will have.

  • People love beautiful people.

    Everything revolves around beautiful people. The media, clothes, etc. do you see nerdy people in ads? The only thing that smart people get is that they get to work so that maybe they can marry or be with beautiful people. Beautiful people get better jobs, work in Hollywood, etc. people make fun of smart ugly people but people try to emulate pretty people.

  • Being prettier is better than being smart

    I believe that if you are beautiful are tend to be nicer and live a healthier life style. Plus you can always get smarter but you can also get more attractive it is that you are fake looking. You also have more attractive kids and they are more confident about themselves

  • Intelligence is Beauty

    Intelligence, not beauty, is needed for human survival. Plus, someone who is intelligent is beautiful already regardless of outside looks. Beauty isn't just skin deep--it's how someone carries themselves with grace and intellect. Norms of beauty, if they are to be believed, would destroy the human race as hunky male models and starving, anorexic female models aren't the ones who should breed due to a thinning of the gene pool.

  • No it is not better to be beautiful.

    Being beautiful can only get you so far in life. Eventually one day your looks will fade and if you have not gathered any knowledge by that you will completely fail and most likely end up homeless on the streets somewhere or working at a low wage payinh job that only people who are in the younger age group usually apply for. All looks fade, but knowledge can get you far in life.

  • Intelligence is more important than beauty

    Intelligence is more important than beauty because without intelligence you wouldn't be able to get a good job and you won't be able to provide for yourself independently. Also beauty doesn't last forever you could get into a car accident develop an illness etc. However your intelligence always stays with you. No matter what you do it will be there, you will also be independent be able to provide for yourself and grow from there. Therefore Intelligence is more important than beauty.

  • Intelligence Is More USEFUL Than Being Beautiful.

    It's not only being smart but UNDERSTAND everything in daily life such as: I need to wake up at 7:30 in the morning to have enough time to shower and to be ready to work/school and not be late because if I wake up at 8:00 I would be stuck in traffic and I would be late for 15 minutes. If I do that I would get fired/detention. You have to use not only intelligence in work/school you can use it to improve your life. It's cause your WHOLE LIFE your going to learn every day you LEARN something new even if it's a small thing or a basic thing like the bus know costs 90 tenge (from Kazakhstan currency if you didn't know) (you've just learned not how much the bus costs but what is the currency of Kazakhstan), But before it was 40 tenge so I would know that next time I come to take a ride in the bus I would KNOW to bring 90 tenge. See even a small thing can help your life become easier or even learn something you want to know.

  • Just how i feel

    I would rather be smart cause look don’t matter you should always feel pretty n I’m not picking beautiful because like I was say look do not matter its what and you heart n mind what’s matter in why I’m pick smart because job school anything else you want do in life you have to be smart like once a time I thought that I need to be pretty in not smart because people always called me sexy fine beautiful intelligent all that good stuff but why because that comes from smartness so yeah that’s why I pick the one I did like how you gone be beautiful but dumb ass a damn rock its not right you don’t have to be beautiful for know one if you know that in the inside now smartness it’s a good one you get a lot more far in life with smartness so that about it like I said before other people may not feel this way but I do its not only coming from my mind but from my heart. -

  • Intelligence is power

    Is this debate even necessary? Can anyone name playboy playmates? And if so, What are they known for other than giving a very old man enjoyment?
    Conversely, Anyone heard of Einstein, Shakespeare, JFK, Ghandi, Martin Luther king, Nelson Mandela etc. . . . ? These were men that changed the world and still do wield considerable influence even ling after they are gone.

  • Because than you pay more attention to who you look like then the star shining inside you

    When you pay more attention to your looks you want to make an entrance but you also want to says that "i'm beautiful nothing else matters" with that answer you block the star inside of you when you need to be yourself and let you inner beauty shine on the outside.

  • What is Beauty?

    What actually is beauty? Everyone's eye site is different, so there is actually no certain thing called beauty. Yes, you have an idea about some one who you think is pretty. I think Gigi Hadid is pretty, but that doesn't mean that everyone else thinks she's pretty! But just my opinion. I'm just an 11 year old girl.

  • I prefer intelligence over beauty anyday.

    Yes , being beautiful is a major plus , but there is nothing better than being being intelligent. I as a beautiful young lady do know firsthand that it can help you out in some places , but there are places that beauty can't take you and thats where intelligence step in.

  • Beauty is unimportant!! *^-^*

    Have you ever been depressed because you thought you was ugly? Well, being beautiful and ugly is unimportant. Instead, you can be intelligent, funny, talented, and smart. This will be more valuable than beauty. Good looking people may be beautiful and handsome, but that doesn't mean they are full of happiness. Lastly, beauty doesn't last forever. Someday, it will fade away slowly. In conclusion, I think it is better to be intelligent than beautiful. Thanks for reading. *^^*

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