• It is better

    If you are rich your judgement is blocked by money and you don't care about your family just your money. If you are poor you care about what you have got rather than what you dont have, the rich just want more and more take a footballer for example they end up buying loads of crap rather then helping others.

  • poor can atleast have a good soundy sleep at night

    people rich all over the world are always bugged up with the fact that something may happen to their bank accounts,their finances may get dissolved...those who are poor have no such disease know as blood pressure which arises with those who are constantly bugged up with tension. being a middle class rson is the best thing anyone can ever have.

  • Simple is Better

    Nobody debates that you need a bare minimum to meet your basic needs, so we'll just assume both "poor" and "rich" are above that poverty line. Once you have enough, it's better to strive for a simple life. Wanting more than that does not increase your happiness very much, but instead is countered by a stronger sense of emptiness. The same feeling of frustration when you put effort into something which falls apart on you, is the feeling of a pursuit of wealth.

  • The sense of categorizing where you stand

    Not for your emotions and wants it isn't. You know you want those expensive things like the rich kids would. But the rich have so many people looking at them and expecting them to be rich brats that they will always have enemies before even speaking to them. The rich act as though they value the family that brought them into such an amazing life, but most just turn into snobs who only value money.

  • Sweat Of Brow

    I would choose poverty every time. In poverty you live more in reality and don't rely on material things to bring you happiness. Instead you build great relationships with people. You earn your money by the sweat of your brow and the strength of your back. You build your spirit.

  • Living for what you know

    Is it better to live rich then poor. Many people would say off the back living rich is way better then poor but do you truly know what your living for. Then just to wake up every day a make million most people don't have it easy like that , most have a job an go to work every day an know what there doing for there kids an for then to have a dream an grow up

  • It is better for YOU but not your 'feelings'

    People who have traveled to Africa or places where the poor are not scarce have always mentioned how hopeful the people seemed. It is not the money that makes people happy, it is the things bought by it and even rich people usually admit they value their family over possessions. To sum my argument up the poor will always wish to be rich but the rich may sometimes wish to be normal or poor (if their head hasn't exploded already).

  • Cost of Lifestyle equates to struggles, anyway.

    Regardless of how much money you have, you live a certain lifestyle. With more money, you become accustomed to a certain way of living (for most people) in which case you may over indulge in the luxuries life has to offer. Eventually, your gross annual income doesn't leave you with as much disposable income as it did in the beginning, if you're frivolous and lack adequate investment practices. Take anyone who gets a better paying job. For example, someone may usually make $40K annually, then get promoted to $50K. That's an extra 10K that you can choose to spend wisely, or just choose to spend. Lets face it, we live in a materialistic consumer society with many social stigmas associated with self-image and the "American Dream." Let's say that person gets bumped up to $70K after 10 years of hard work and additional education. Now to top it off, you're spending again, until you've reached your threshold and perhaps you used money from your savings to pay for additional schooling or took out student loans because you "just couldn't afford it," because you're lifestyle wouldn't allow you to save responsibly. Now you've racked up more debt that you have to pay back that cuts into your new $70K, and to top it off, regular living expenses and lifestyle expenses. I'm sure you see the cycle.

    In conclusion, it doesn't matter how much money you have because enough may never be enough. Seeking things with substance in life should be anyone's ideal of a perfect life, but unfortunately our society has taught us otherwise. If someone wants to be a doctor, for instance, because they want to help mankind and it truly makes them happy, they should do it. But they shouldn't do it for the money. Hopefully I made a clear and concise point that everyone will understand.

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  • You can still be happy

    If you are rich and a kind happy person, Then that is great, But me and millions of others enjoy a more simple and free life. I am just about middle class, But I know what it's like to be poor, And I will say: Yes, It can be hard, But you learn and think more about what really matters in life and be for the family, Friends, And valuables you've got.

  • Middle class is best

    The rich are blinded by their lust for money. They do not care about their families as much and care only about what is in their bank accounts. The poor can at least sleep without having to think about getting robbed or one of their businesses failing but they cannot enjoy life as much as the middle class. The middle class is by far the best but being poor is personally better than being rich.

  • Why do you want to have money

    Alot of people think that to be happy is to have stuff but that is not true because if you were to ask someone poor whould you like to have money or have a famliy and I bet than more would say famliy becuase have things is not good have family is every thing.

  • It's better to be rich

    I don't think anyone would want to be poor. Those that say that it is better to be poor are either poor people that don't want to study or work to make money so they lie that is it better to be poor or those born rich who have no idea what is like to be poor and are trying to impress the poor people with their rich people problems. They complain about minor problems not knowing what the real problems are. It's obvious that it's better to be rich. With money you can solve almost all your problems with a few exception which neither the poor people can solve. There are many things more important in life than money but money will make your life a lot better.

  • It does matter if you are rich or poor

    The whole point of life is to enjoy it. Money can help that happen,and make your dream true. Some people think that the whole point of life is not spend it all and giving to other people if that is what makes you happy then do it, but I think being rich is better and you need money to help people

  • No unless ur a masochist.

    Better to be rich and blessed like king Solomon than to be poor and mistreated like Jesus who took the wrath of God for us that we may hope for a better life if we put on the Christ and keep the faith. Material wealth is only vanity and will bring you down in the end trying to hold onto it. I know life is eternal despite it's hardships and we need to let go of riches on earth to live a more rewarding life of integrity for example which you can never buy! It's never been about money my friends. Still we need money which God will bless us with if we trust in him.

  • With Wealth comes options. With poverty comes hinderence

    I was raised middle class and due to the economy I was forced to live below that standard. With that said I had to live a more dangerous life. Not neccesarily a participant of crime but places of stricken with poverty are also a place where a lot of crime happns. So its eithe victor or victim. That is very nerve wracking. Also it doesnt do good for your self esteem when you cant provide the simpliest things for yourself and your loved ones. No disrespect to the other side but you have to be insane to rather that lifestyle versus the akternative

  • Crinkly crizzm mah nizzm

    If you iz rich, you iz king. You get da good hoes, plus, you iz rich. Clean ass hos fo' lyfe nigguh. No mo' shit dicke. Plus u get dat drunk azz crak. All you need iz pennis And also dicke and balls r all u nee. I'm a good happy drunk nigga and I iz' happy.


    You have money. You have everything you can have. No need to worry about applying for scholarships, tuition loans, car loans, etc. You get to travel overseas without the constant fear of running out of money. You get head start as compared to many people. Being rich doesn't mean you are fucked up in character wise. You can be rich and still help people. It is not co-related.

  • It is better

    If you have money it is proven your problems are all about money and that's all you think about but even if the poor think about money they don't brag about what they have and what they can give unlike rich people and some rich people don't care about anyone but themselves

  • A Balance of the Two

    Personally, I believe that a balance of both mindsets is needed, and the middle ground is best. The wealthier you are, the more obligated you are to other people and in turn their events, functions, etc. You live under a microscope. You may be able to buy the things you want, but you are unable to truly be you, not without sacrifice. Being poor is a struggle. Many poor struggle with mental health issues, and are unable to move ahead because of having to sacrifice one or the other. School or work so I can have a home? Drive a car so I don't have to walk 10 miles to work in the rain, or pay ridiculous insurance rates and worry about breakdowns, which may cost me my job once I lose reliable transportation. There is always a sacrifice when you're poor. If you think in the middle, you can be happy and responsible with your money, and humble. You won't self sacrifice, but you'll definitely help others from the heart and know how to remain down to earth. So in conclusion, being wealthier is better, but I think there is a stopping point if you want to be happy.

  • Not selfish, just rich

    I'm doing an argumentative essay about the topic: " Riches is everything" and I believe it. Being rich makes you happy and free. It all depends on how you spend your money. We don't have to use money for gambling or personal stuff, but having money gives you the opportunity to help others

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