Is it better to be popular/conformist (yes) or quirky/eccentric (no)?

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  • no, be yourself

    I think it is best to be yourself, no matter what it is. That is the best way. Even if you come off as popular or conformist. If that is really who you are, then that is the best way to be. If you come off a little odd or strange, great, that is who you are. Be yourself.

  • Eccentrics have made some of the greatest advances

    It's not easy to be a non-conformist. People have a tendency to pressure everyone to conform and fit in. Most of the creative, scientific, medical and technological advances have come from people who were quirky and "thought outside the box". It's not an easy way to live, but people are individuals and need to be able to find their own paths.

  • I Like Quirky & Eccentric

    I am sure anyone who has ever really known me would consider me quirky and eccentric over popular and conformist. For me, being conformist, makes it impossible for me to be myself and that disturbs the way I wish to live my life. I would rather spend my life being me, rather than trying to be someone else. Therefore, for me, it is better to be quirky and eccentric.

  • It is much better to be eccentric.

    It is much better to be an eccentric than a conformist.Being an eccentric means expressing your opinion and remaining true to yourself no matter how much criticism.The eccentric will be remembered many years after the conformist is forgotten and will usually be thought of in positive terms in the long run.

  • No, quirky eccentric.

    It is better to be quirky and eccentric than to be a popular conformists. I do not think people should concern themselves with what others think about them. I think it is important for them to do what they feel is best for themselves and be quirky and weird if that is how they want.

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