• EIther way is good I guess.

    That's a vague question. But assuming it means popular, but not rich, and rich, but unpopular. Wealth is transient and can be lost at any time. If you're popular, you'll always have those friends there to help you out through tough times. It's better to be well liked than have money but no friends. Humans are social creatures, and need people around them to be happy.

    Alternatively though, I'd be happy being rich with just a few close friends. Because being rich can always buy me acquaintances to keep me company.

  • Not at all...

    Being popular is not what its all cracked up to be. Unless you happen to be amongst the few fortunate ones who have reached celebrity status (Music, Movies, Athletes, etc...). Because only then could your popularity dictate how much money / more money you could receive within a given contract. Being rich on the other hand... When your living in a modern world that is completely driven an ran on money / currency. Can open up more of life's experiences and if you have enough of it, free you up from a lifetime work commitment from the dreaded slave corporations that we've all been brainwashed to o bide by. So in simpler terms, "the more money you have, the more freedoms / opportunities you can invest in".

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