Is it better to be realistic than to be idealistic?

  • Practicality/Realism or Idealism

    A practical approach is more valuable in life compared to an idealistic one. In life, Nothing is guaranteed, So it's better not to expect drastic results from anything. It is easier and more rewarding to accomplish smaller, More important, Tasks that have a lasting effect on any situation. My opinion is not fact, But I heavily side with it.

  • Be realistic not dumb

    To be realistic is to be right if your not realistic then your not being realistic what I mean is you have to face the facts and not say “hey I wonder if I could achieve world peace by sharing everything with everyone” that just becomes communism please just stay in reality and don’t say hey If I follow my dreams they will come true because that’s being a slave to imagination I’m not saying have an Imagination is bad I’m just saying you need to know the difference between dreams and reality

  • You cannot survive in this world with idealism because there is no such thing as ideal in the first place

    With idealistic, you're practically living in wonderland thinking that life is like a fairy tale. Well if that were the case then there would be no poverty, economic crisis, wars etc. but as we all know, that is not the case. Also the idealistic types hate to work (the only 'work' they want is being musician, painter, performer etc. which isn't stable), not concerned with materialistic and practical details of life. While that may sound good but unfortunately we're living in this world where everything comes with a price tag. The term "starving artist" exists for a reason.

  • Idealism is setting yourself up for disappointment.

    It is better to be a realist because you can be more prepared for what will come. Idealism only works if you strive to make it happen through vigorous work. But most of the time people are just dreamers. I myself used to have a idealistic way of though until i was disappointed that i couldn't make it happen.

  • Always better to be real.

    It is always better to be realistic than to be idealistic. An idealist is likely to have their dreams shattered where an idealist is going to be prepared for whatever might come their way. Most idealists eventually turn into realists after they have had enough heartache. It is better to start out with realistic expectations. If things do work out for the best, a realist will be presently surprised. That's always better than being unrealistically crushed.

  • It depends on the person, but most of the time, yes.

    People that work towards their ideals to make them reality can make great impacts on society. They can change things. Unfortunately, people that dream these days do just that and only that. Dream. They do push for things they want, they simply wish upon stars and think everything in life will get better with no effort whatsoever. So, that is why it's often better to be realistic. A realistic person isn't going to aim to be an artist if they know that nurses and doctors are in higher demand. A realistic person isn't going to be scammed, and lose all their cash because they felt bad while watching some random saddening commercial. We have to have some level headed people that live in reality, to support the idealistic people out there living on welfare and practicing impressionism on canvas that won't sell.

  • "Realistic" is a way to justify not reaching for the ideal life you want, trying to stay content in a spot you aren't content with.

    There's nothing wrong with taking a realistic approach to life. But when you use being realistic as an excuse to give up on the idealistic life you wish you could have, you're setting limits for yourself. It's better to be idealistic enough to have a dream and be able to see a way to reach it, while still finding realistic ways to reach your idealistic goal. That's not to say there's anything wrong with being happy where you're at. But if you're using being "realistic" as an excuse to stay where you're at even though you aren't happy, then you are officially holding yourself back from reaching what could be.

  • What is realistic anyways?

    I don't think being realistic is fundamentally a bad thing, but I do think that people that think they're "realistic" are often just setting limits for themselves and looking at life through a negative lens. I think you should be idealistic to a certain degree, meaning you should always be able to imagine something bigger and better in the realm of reality

  • What nobody understands about idealism

    When being realistic you're essentially creating a self limiter. People seem to have this common misconception that being an idealist means shrouding yourself in a fictional world, all the while avoiding the inevitability of having your dreams crushed. That's not what being a true idealist is. Take for example, Thomas Edison, the creator of the light-bulb, realistically(during that time period) walking into a room and flipping a plastic switch which would then illuminate that room is entirely ridiculous, realistically, slapping some long metal boards onto a massive carrier and then using it to fly is ridiculous. Idealists create innovators, but our dreams aren't always aimed so high. Some may dream of joining the Red Cross and helping people around the world, or saving up money to help your little sister go to University. Its a mindset, not a way of life. I find it nearly laughable to read some of the arguments that say "idealist get their dreams crushed" as if realists don't dream at all. People mistake idealist for dull unintelligent people who lack the ability to view the world from an objective standpoint, and to that i say, ignorance is bliss. Realist look at the world for what it is, idealist tell them where to go.

  • Happiness and progress comes from being idealistic.

    It's obvious that all people are different and few actually share the exact same mindset. I consider myself as a strong idealist and when I think of only being realistic, I would find it difficult to experience happiness in the same way. Besides, all the greatest inventions and ideas comes from someone being pure idealistic. Although being realistic seems more beneficial in terms of economy and relationships, and you learn to settle for less than you actually would want. This being said, being idealistic gives you a certain kind of drive to your life and you learn to aim for greater things, rather than settling for the ''realistic things'' that seems to be within your reach already.

  • Dreams Made, Nations Built

    Idealism sparks a fire in your soul to make a difference in yourself or the world. While most say that idealist don't always work. If no work is involved, then the person is not an idealist, they are a dreamer. If curious people didn't dream we(as a whole) would be without so much. If European colonist didn't dream of a better world, we would not have the America we know and love today

  • Its better to be realistic

    Being realistic is just facing the truth. There are a lot of things that may seem idealistic that are actually realistic in a sense that they are possible, but hard to accomplish. Thinking out side the box is not the literal term of being idealistic. The main difference between the both is knowing your limitation. Not having money or being an immigrant and so on, can have an influence in what you can accomplish in life (especially in this type of government). Most accomplished people come from rich families or some sort of advantage that get them places. The sense of saying being realistic is better is because one is not going over their head with a fantasies.

  • It's preferable to be idealistic since only thinking beyond reality can lead to progress

    Would anyone in 17th century imagine that it's probable to ever go to space. However, in 1964 a human being did strike a cosmic flight. It is due to the people who think outside of the box (outside of reality if you will), that accomplish something grand and truly revolutionary.

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