Is it better to be respected (yes) or feared (no)?

  • Of course it's better to be respected, but...

    ...What if people don't respect you? I think this is why some of us ended up here in the first place. What if you've earned most of your subordinates' respect but there are still a couple that just aren't willing to assess you for what you are but see you only as the person in a position of power over them? Notice your personal reactions as you're reading this. If you're thinking I'm the bad guy, consider the possibility that this is triggered by my use of 'you' and 'your subordinates' initially, making you believe it is I who hasn't been able to earn the respect of my subordinates, thus trying to make you like me and subsequently making you feel I'm trying to suck up to you and ending up getting the exact opposite emotional response. Anyway, what if someone just isn't willing to respect you -and you need their compliance. Is it OK to make them fear you? (in a barely-enough Machiavellian fashion that you get your job done)

  • Respect over fear

    The mature individual will choose respect over fear. A child's mind will expel the want of fear, a fully matured adult will always choose respect. Fear will one day get you attacked. Respect does not guarantee you an attack and hate. Nobody wants to end up alone from being feared.

  • What kinda nutjob wants fear?

    Unless you'se a gangsta, I think most normal people love love and what's pleasant. I think those who think better to be hated than loved are total idiots with the mindspan of a two-year old lol. It's such a gangsta mentality that is dumbing down our societies today and in this age.

  • I Would Prefer Respect

    For me personally, I would prefer respect. I believe a person can obtain respect by acting responsibly and giving back to the community. It is difficult to obtain respect without displaying good qualities. I believe fear is the lesser because it is a weakness. Being able to scare someone, will not get you far in life.

  • Definitely better to be respected

    I am talking from personal experience where I was being "ruled" by fear. It just creates repressed anger and revolt that sooner or later will blow up. Ruling by fear is wrong and no one should be made to do something or act in a way he doesn't feel comfortable with. It never works in the end.

  • Yes, better to be respected.

    It is always much better to be respected than feared. If you rule over people by shoving fear in their face, that will ultimately make them hate you, and they will not help you when they sense you are about to fall. When you are respected those who follow you actually like you and will try to keep you from falling.

  • Yes, it is better to be respected.

    Being respected is much better than being feared. Once you have earned someone's respect they are willing to follow you into battles (real and theoretical) and cherish you for who you are and your leadership skills. Being feared just leaves someone lonely with no one there at the end of the day.

  • Respect is long term, fear is short lived.

    It is far better to be respected than to be feared. Fear is a short term end that has no future benefit. Those that are feared are feared for a time but as courage and hardship increases fear will wain and revolts will occur. To be respected will earn you loyal followers who will cherish your leadership rather than imagine your downfall.

  • Better to be respected.

    I believe it is better to be respected than feared. To rule with fear or to be feared in general is not a desirable thing. Treating people with respect will get you much further in life than having people fear you. Being feared only makes more problems for someone. Respect is much more desirable.

  • Fear is better

    Things get done right and immediately when your employees fear you. When they just respect you, They slack off. Its also why America is thriving again because people fear trump. Its why China and Russia are such great countries because they have leaders that people fear. Fear is better that respect.

  • Fear drives people to tell the truth

    In the future I plan on becoming a lawyer and I believe that interrogation skills such as wearing sunglasses, Staring people straight in the eyes, And showing no emotion (no eyebrow movement or smiling) will drive a person's mind insane. Their minds will be flooded with fear and they'll do anything to get out of that scenario. Which would essentially pry the truth out of other people. I'd rather be slapped with the truth then kissed with a lie. Which is why I employ this techniques on people.

  • Fear brings control, respect gives it away

    Weber said that when we respect someone it gives them power. "credibility, resides in how much respect one attains" and is discussed as a source of power. Fear controls people. Terrorism is a form of control, respectism is not. We give away too much power already to others to control us. Why not take it back?

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