• Yes, Short People For the Win

    I personally will grow to only 5'0 but that hasn't stopped me. I play hockey (and am pretty good at it) and I'm faster than a lot of people there. I'm also a fast runner in general, I made it to cross country in 5th grade and I was about 4 inches shorter than everyone there. As you can see, short=awesome

  • Yes, Shorty have Erratic Temper and Sprint Moves

    Haiyakkkk, the short punch the balls of a taller man. That's the first thing that came into everyone mind! Shorter means more flexible in your body joints. Short people are usually born athletes themselves and instant overnight billionaires. Don't believe me? Try reading body behaviors and personality traits. Short people are also most prone to go insane and cause rampage in society. So in short, if you are short you most likely to get shot! So good luck!

  • No, it's not better to be short!

    No, I personally don't think it's better to be shorter than average. Most counters are made for average size people. Most seats and tables, and everything is really made to suit the average adult. If you are smaller, you would have to stand on something or boost yourself us to make yourself appear taller.

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