Is it better to be street smart or book smart?

Asked by: lighth0us3
  • Street smarts are better than book smarts

    According to my opinion I feel street smarts are much better than book smarts. Street smart can keep you safe as they can handle problems very easily. There are many survival skills that are not present in books and can be learnt only through experiences. Street smart knows many things about people and they can easily adapt.

  • Being book smart is better !

    Being book smart is better than being street smart . If you are street smart than all you know is the STREETS ! Being street smart isn't gonna get you into college , it isn't going to get you good grades in school being in the street will only get you two places , either in jail or in a cold room with a corner , not to sound harsh or anything that just how it is . I mean if you really think about it you can be a genius in the streets but if you can't count money or read a book how are you going to complete an application for a job or anything for that matter you have to have some knowledge . It's just logic !

  • Street Smarts are better.

    Book knowledge is a very valuable thing, especially if you wish to fit in well with society at large. But at the same time, it can be seen as a luxury. For survival in any environment, street smarts are necessary to give you an optimal chance at survival. No matter if you are in the middle of a forest or in the middle of Los Angeles. You to know the best ways to get food, shelter, water, protect yourself from unsavory characters (bears, human-counterparts on the street, etc.). Plus, if you want to get everything you want efficiently (most output for the least input) street smarts usually contain such knowledge; how to work the "systems" and whatnot. For these reasons, I vote street smarts.

  • Street smarts is better.

    The thing is, street smarts are more important as it teaches you what you should do in situations. It's an idea of having better experience and understanding about the public. You see, street smarts can determine life or death. If you had good street smarts, you would know not to go in a stranger's van and much more. Street smarts can also be applied inside homes and buildings, not just the streets. If you're at a party or something, street smarts can determine whether or not doing a certain activity with a person is safe. Also, you don't need a whole lot of book knowledge as there is still high-paying jobs that don't require high intelligence levels.

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Iacov says2016-12-14T16:42:17.897
Depends on your environment
Kescarte_DeJudica says2016-12-28T22:41:44.603
It depends on a lot of things, including environment, but I think that for the most part, street smarts is usually more valuable knowledge.