• It is better to be stronger than smart.

    Because we aren't able to work properly if we don't have any capacity to do it with out strength.Along with that we also cannot think properly as we will be tired and will have ability to do the task though our brain gives us the instructions.(stronger is beneficial than smartness)

  • It's better to be strong

    Not always physically strong, but rather a strong mind and a strong will, if you're smart but you are not mentally strong enough to take criticism and other people's perspective then your world and your potential will be limited by your lack of strength. In order to truly understand a concept one needs to accept them both rationally and emotionally.

  • It is better to be strong than smart.

    Today, it is better to be strong, in mind and body, than to be smart. If you are strong and daring, you can just steal good ideas from smart people. But a weak person, no matter how smart, will never have the courage to take the risks necessary to be successful in life.

  • It's better to be strong.

    If every one was smart there would be no need for war and when the war ends people lose a lot of money when people lose money it's turns into another Great Depression so i don't think anyone wants to have a Great Depression like when World War One ended it was the Great Depression, but when World War Two started everything went great or business.

  • My name is benstar12345

    I see smarts as a superlative element... If you're dumb, but strong and throwing your weight around, you're technically WEAK in my book. Thus truly developed strength is founded upon SMARTS (again, at least in my book).

    Basically, true strength doesn't even exist if smarts aren't present on some level...

  • Smart is best

    Without smart people we wouldn't have any cures for diseases, we would all die when the sun expands, and everybody would either be miserable or dead. Strength doesn't solve any of those problems, so strength is obviously inferior to intelligence, because without smarts, we would all eventually be dying, or dead.

  • Outsmart over Out-Lift

    I have seen the most athletic and physically talented people get manipulated buy those who can't run as fast but can easily work magic on those who can't think. In life it boils down to intelligence is problem solving, improvising, and adapting. I have yet seen a jock be able to perform advanced mathematics, for evidence look no further than the NFL.

  • Smart is better

    These days it's actually better to be smart rather than athletic, you get better ways with words, better jobs, better money, better family life.

    Having a way with words is great if you ever get into debates or arguments with people, “Like now”. You know how much high intelligence can help! Smart people win arguments left and right, because they always know how to out-smart their adversaries. Not like people who play sport for a part of their live their lives and give unintelligent statements.

    You've probably heard it said that you should be nice to the nerds, because you'll end up working for them someday. That saying didn't come into existence for no reason!
    Smart people generally have the qualifications and intellect required to get better jobs. Getting the better jobs can also relate to having a way with words, for example you could become a lawyer,ambassador, or even a screenwriter.I mean who wouldn't want to walk into a movie theater and see the actors act out your words.
    Smart people just have a tendency to get better jobs than the average Joe Smith. As you can imagine, money goes along with that! Intelligent people are more likely to have incredible job opportunities that result in high paychecks.It doesn't get much cooler than a big pile of green. Bill Gates would probably agree.

    If you're hoping to start a family one day, think about your kids! Smarter parents usually result in more intelligent children, either due to genetics or learned behaviors.
    Creating a new generation of intellectuals can only be good for humanity as a whole, so passing your smarts onto your kids is very cool, indeed!

  • SMART is better

    Smart people develop technology for all you strong people and it's easier to earn more money being smart plus everyone would be living in caves still if it weren't for us smart people. Plus you don't have to try as hard in life. So basically smart is better.
    And strength isn't as important.

  • Smart is better

    Everything in life you have some sort of situation to face wether its finding a discount on food or to even reading signs on the streets. The point is without intelligence/education, what can you really do in life? Nothing because reading, writing speaking. Every day activities! Therefor, brains is higher than bronze I believe.

  • Smart is better

    You would have to be smart to do anything in life. Being smart opens many opportunities that can help you have a result of a better life. And all you have to do is be smart. That's why from an early age you are required to get an education so that you are ensured a successful life.

  • Smart is better

    The world does not revolve around you. Strong people are so oblivious to what is really around them. They think that because they are the epitome of today's generation. Smart people have found out how people become strong, so strong people are working under our knowledge. Strong is not better.

  • Smart is better

    Ok if your faced with a everyday complication, honestly what is your strength going to do?
    Any dumbass who is strong can carry a gun to go to war. But it takes smart people to make the weapons AND they build the nuclear bombs that could take out nations. So in all honesty muscle is not needed anymore when you got brains to make your life so much easier.
    Plus anyome who works out can be strong. It takes a LOT more to be smart.

  • Smart is best

    Because being strong ain't gonna get you a good job or pay them bills and that what life is about. Being successful and doing a good job at academic subjects. Plus who's richer Dusty or Bill Gates? Bill Gates because he showing that it is more important to be smart than strong

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