Is it better to believe rather than disbelieve, at risk of bringing everything that is possible into the fold?

  • Indeed .. You have to believe

    To be rational and to observe things before you believe in is required but skepticism is a disease that will attack your mind and will be your shadow .. So I think when you believe you believe wholeheartedly and you don't have to know how to make it possible into the fold .. When you believe you are already lighting the path

  • I guess it's better to just blindly believe.

    That's true - if you are a disbeliever, then there are limitless possibilities that have to be considered. Therefore, it is better to be a believer. By being a believer, you are always sure of the facts and the rules and you never have to wonder about different scenarios, because there is only one - the one you believe in.

  • Always believe in something

    You always want to have something that you believe in, or someone. You want something that you can fall back on to push you through hard time, and get you further than you ever have been before in your life. Believe in whatever you want, for me, I believe in fitness.

  • People believe too much

    People believe far too much today, and a healthy dose of skepticism is a far more beneficial to society and people. People argue that its better for any individual person to be more trsuting, or their mental health, but for society, facts and hard evidence should beat anecdotes every time.

  • No, it's not.

    It's not better to believe in something that has no rational basis in reality rather than to disbelieve. We have this powerful ability to use our minds and be sensible human beings and we shouldn't lie to ourselves just to make us feel better about things. I found life to be a less scary place when I started to think about my life and world rationally.

  • Believing for the sake of believing is dangerous.

    I am a person who doesn't just believe things because I choose to. I need to observe it. I need to know that observation has at least been documented and that the thing, whatever it is, is factual. I think choosing to believe is a dangerous worldview that gives you a very warped perception of reality.

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