• I agree cheating is bad but, what if it is the only way?

    We live in a society where if you don,t get good marks, you are considered useless.Students are often subjected to bullying and shaming if they don,t get good grades.They are considered a disgrace to their families which seriously affects the self - esteem of a person.Yes, you are at the risk of getting caught and getting expelled but,if you are not caught,you get good marks.I would like to conclude by saying, cheating is one's own choice.If a person is ready to take the risks and face the consequences,they should be allowed to do what they want to do in their life. We might not know the pressure their parents might put on them to get good marks.If this one grade could stop a person from getting bullied and shamed , we should not judge them.After all desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Posted by: Oyza
  • Cheating is bad

    If a person cheats they will get a bad grade,yes. But if a person cheats and gets caught they will be sent to the pricable's Office. This debate should be called Is Getting in Trouble With Your Parents Better Than Getting Expelled. Do you want your parents to slap you when you get home?

  • No, cheating is more demeaning.

    A zero is embarrassing, to be sure. However, it is not a total disgrace. Cheating is a total disgrace because it shows a lack of character. One can get a single zero and learn a lot from that hitting bottom moment. Then he or she can go on to work harder and do differently.

  • No, cheating has even greater consequences than a zero.

    A zero grade will impact your grade, but being caught cheating can have even greater consequences. You may be dropped from the course and given F, even be banned from the institution. You will be discredited in some way. This will impact you in the future. A zero is regrettable but does not have as far reaching implications.

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