Is it better to do postgraduate education (yes) or get a job (no)?

  • Postgraduate Education is Paramount

    Yes, it is better to do postgraduate education than to immediately get a job after graduate education is finished. The higher a person's education is, the more likely it is that this person will contribute to society on a grander scale. Just think of all the doctors society would not have if they had stopped at the graduate level.

  • Higher education allows you access to jobs that a normal degree doesn't.

    In the current economic crises, more and more students are deciding to continue their education to masters or even Phd level. But is this always such a good thing? Are their career prospects better enhanced by another few years of study or not? Yes, if there are jobs available, but on the other hand, entering at a higher level means you become more specialized and make you less pliable to employers.

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