• Helps them with their budgeting skills

    It helps them with their budgeting skills for when they are older because it gives them more experience with money. They can learn to save money and only buy things they need to. Getting a job at that age is bad because they need to focus on school work and other things they do.

  • Yes but kind of both

    Giving allowance is good and lets kids like me have better budgeting skills and makes them more motivated and helps them learn money lessons.We have a chart for extra chores and you can get payed for doing extra chores.Like I said money motivates kids to do things. Thats why i say yes but kind of both.

  • Kids These Days Need An Allowance

    Kids are better off getting an allowance than finding a job because kids need to focus on education. Regardless, kids need adult supervision and are notorious for their lack of efficiency and productivity, meaning there is little economic benefit for the kid r the job provider. Lastly, child labor laws and worker safety rules prohibit kids from doing anything that might actually be considered work. Kids should have an allowance and a conversation about money instead of some silly job.

  • Kids With Allowances

    I believe it is better to give children an allowance rather than encourage them to get a job. I wouldn't encourage people to send their children out to find work. Even for teenagers, where it would be appropriate, the job market will make it much more difficult. Children can do chores at home to earn their allowance, and they should.

  • Allowance is the first step

    Giving kids an allowance is the foundation of basic money management and understanding how to work for an honest pay. Giving kids an allowance teaches them that they need to save their money to buy the things that they want. Also in order to get an allowance they need to work for it, which in stills a solid work ethic early in their lives.

  • Work is better

    They earn their money so they do not spend it straight away. They get work experience and useful facts they use later on in their lives. Getting a job is a crucial step to take in life, while other kids may choose not to get a job soon. Jobs for the win

  • Getting a job

    Kids can get a job if they want to it could be fun for them and they could learn life skills like keep trying if they get it wrong and they could make money for themselves and not ask dad or mom for some and not beg to get something.

  • Let them get a job.

    It is better to encourage kids to get a job when they are legally able to. This gives them a head start in the lessons people need to grow to be responsible adults. In addition they earn their own money and are less of a burden to their parents this way.

  • No, it's better for kids to work.

    I think that it is always better to encourage kids to get a job rather than give them an allowance. I think that if a kid is at a legal age to work, then parents should think about encouraging them to find some type of part time job. I think an allowance doesn't teach kids anything about character.

  • No, they should work

    Children after a certain age group should start working and learn to pay their own bills. This would help them in improving their time management, work experience, and many other useful facts. They would stop sitting before any gadget, and become a gadget freak. They should at least work during vacations. They can also do small works like, car cleaning, delivering newspapers and any other small and easy things

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