• It brings a smile to your face as well as the receivers. You should know how much it changes their life by a small gift.

    Do you know how giving makes us more blessed than getting? We can get so much happiness when we see how God is glorified in our giving and when we see Him bless others through our giving.
    I believe that giving is better. It is very important to give without waiting for anything in return.
    To give is better than to take, teaches us the value of sharing and makes us aware that a gift is only as good as the thought behind it.
    People just forget how the simple act of sharing can change someone’s life for the better. There are still who give without expecting something in return.
    It always feels good when receiving something. But there is some kind of satisfaction when giving gifts to others. No matter how valuable the gift may be, giving generates more happiness than receiving.

  • Uh Oh, Sappy Stuff Ahead

    When I was eight years old, my mom's good friend from college's daughter got leukemia, at age two. Fast forward two years: she's all better--NEC! (No Evidence of Cancer.) So she and her mom, dad, and brother come to visit, and when we go to the zoo I get her a little stuffed tiger. The look on her face gave me more happiness then all of the Christmas' I had ever been alive for.

  • Foundation Of Peace

    I believe it is far better to give than to receive. Being thirty, I've had plenty of opportunities to give and receive and by far the giving impacts me far more. There is nothing better than giving a homeless person a roof or a hungry person a meal. I enjoy receiving things, but I find I get more out of giving.

  • It is better to give than to receive.

    It is better to give than to receive. The spirit of charity is preferable to greed and selfishness. People feel better when they have given a gift because they done someone a favor. In general it is better to help others than to demand things from them. Giving is better than receiving.

  • Yes. I believe it is better to give than to receive.

    Yes. I believe it is better to give than to receive, because when you give you receive. I believe all of your good deeds come back full circle in life. No to mention the great feeling you get when you do something nice for someone. Its a special memory that you will have for ever.

  • Almost every person will agree a lot with me.

    Yes, I agree that many people likes to get things than giving things. However we can learn things by giving things to someone precious. We can learn happiness and can learn about being proud. This helps every one to help other people. I wish of having good comments! I will see all comments!

  • Cheer Someone Up

    Giving to others gives you a sense of gratitude for what you did, But it also gives the person on the receiving end a bit of joy. The joy you give might not last as long as the joy you get, But it will be enough to cheer them up.

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  • You help others

    It is better to give than to receive because then if you win a lottery you become selfish and people will beg for money until your broke. Also you can get bankrupt and lose all your money. When you give you will be blessed and rewarded for your generosity.

  • Everyone should give something to homeless people

    The best thing about giving is that all of the things you give to either homeless people or people that are having a bad day. One of the wonderful things in this world is giving to people that need help. All of the people that needs homes or are veteran can be people but they might not be in a mental because they don't have the money to be there selves in this world.

  • Getting is more fun.

    No, it not better to give than to receive, because we all know that getting something is better. People who say that giving is better only want to convince you that you shouldn't feel bad about not getting anything. But we all know that other people helping us out is nice.

  • Is a leg better than an arm?

    No a leg is just a good as an arm, as is a lung just as good as a kidney, and as receiving is just as good as giving.
    We live today in an abbreviated world where everything must be shorter and faster. This has great application, when and where it applies, but it does not apply to important principles of natural law. In this type of abbreviation the true meaning often times gets lost, misconstrued, or maybe even manipulated (for you conspiracy theorists).
    What if the original saying was "It is better to be in a position of being able to give, than in a position of having to receive"
    #1 You can easily see the abbreviated version coming out of this statement yes?
    #2 Is this not a much more empowering statement than the abbreviation.
    Is that the "Original" statement, I have no proof, but this is how the human consciousness of today, which has been passed down through the generations, has gone astray of the truth in our belief systems.
    Many of those who came before us are not a stupid as you may think, and just maybe we are today, actually stupider than they were in many ways due to lost meanings of truth.
    Some things are just not meant to be abbreviated and deserve to be fully written out and verbally expressed in their fullest capacity and true meaning.
    No it not better, but just as good to give as to receive, for if you do not receive, then what do have to give?
    One hand up and one hand down! Always!

  • Neither. It is better to earn or trade.

    The question, "Is it better to give than to receive?", is based on the false alternative that you either give or receive. This alternative should be rejected. It is neither better to give or to receive. It is best to earn what you desire and enjoy it. Or, it is better to give and receive, which we call trading of values for mutual benefit. This is a win-win relationship and exchange between self-respecting human beings.

  • Receiving is worth more

    There is a lot of good in giving. It is a selfless act and often times it will make you feel good when you see how happy you make people. If given the choice though I much rather receive things. This way you are getting stuff and it will make you happy.

  • For humans are more self serving than selfless.

    Which is inevitable, for we are the only ones who can never escape from ourselves. To receive is thus much better. Even when we feel good giving rather than receiving, that feeling itself is actually you receiving something even if the (tangible) act is that of giving. . . .

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