• You should be informed.

    It is better to invest actively, because markets often change quickly. For a person to be good at investing and see a good return, they have to be able to make quick decisions, and decide to drop a stock if the company announces bad news. Investing actively has better gains in the end.

  • Yes, it is better to invest actively.

    When investing actively, one seeks out great deals and picks attractive stocks and bonds to leverage bets on the future direction of them. The main objective is to make a profit. Active investors research information to develop complex trading systems. In contrast, passive investors want to make a profit but will accept the average returns. If one is going to invest, they should be trying to make a profit and invest actively.

  • Passive investing is key

    Active investing is playing the high rise high reward game. Being smart with your money is a safe way to en-sure a stable income. In today's ever changing market capped with the next big technology, the betting game of active investing has never been more risky. Look for investments that will stand the test of time don't be sucked into the next big thing that may not be the next big thing.

  • Invest in what you can see

    These days, you need to know where your money is invested, the days of trusting banks are gone. Even the housing market is unstable, so it's best to invest in what you can see and can afford with minimal debt. It's best not to be too greedy and protect your investment rather than risk it. Even if you share an investment it is better when you have control, especially with crowd funding.

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