• Yes, it is better to lease.

    First off, leasing a car is less expensive than making payments on a car that you buy. Also, cars are the worst investment to make as they decrease in value extremely quickly. It is better to lease a car and then buy it at the end of the lease if you decide you like it. Otherwise, you can simply turn it in.

  • No, it's best to avoid leasing anything and go for ownership whenever possible.

    If you lease a car, you are going to be spending precious money in order to buy the privilege of driving someone else's car, just like renting an apartment buys you the privilege of staying in someone else's property. When the lease is up, you own nothing. Your equity is zero. Maybe you like the idea of constantly switching cars after short periods of use, but suppose you were to lose your job and could no longer make payments? If you had bought and paid off a car of your own instead of leasing one, you would have something to drive even while you were going through hard times. Even if it were not yet paid off, at least you could still sell your equity in the car. You wouldn't be completely empty-handed.

  • No. It is better to buy than to lease car.

    If you can afford it and will not cause any issues for you than it is far better to own and buy your own car. If you lease it than you will have to keep making payments, and this car will never truly be yours. Once you own a car that you bought though you can do what you want with it.

  • No, it is better to buy than lease.

    No, I believe that it is better to buy a car over leasing it. If you lease a car you will pay money towards a vehicle that you will never own, and at the end of your lease you will have nothing to show for it. If you buy a car you will actually own something.

  • Buying cars gives you value.

    When you buy a car, you assume responsibility but you are also acquiring a valuable tool. A tool that will last many years. 80% of cars purchased after 2005 are still driving on the road today. The lease for them would have run out long ago, along with potential car payments, but the owners still have them and can still use them.

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